As you may be aware that the first e-session on NISP, scheduled on 21st April was cancelled due to a technical error. We have rescheduled all 15 e-sessions and postponed them by a week. These sessions will now be telecasted on MIC Youtube Channel ( from 28th April Onwards at 3.00 PM. For detailed schedule plan, speaker details, and links to join the e-sessions, You can visit the IIC portal at :

Post session , participants can download the PPT and will be required to submit the e-assessment form within 4 working days from the date of conduct of that particular e-session to get an e-participation certificate ( will be issued by end of IIC Calendar Year 2019-20 i.e June 2020).

Basic information regarding e-sessions and participation guidelines are as below.

  • No Prior Registration is required to attend the e-sessions and you can use your smartphone and laptop/desktop.
  • The time slot for the e-sessions are 3.00 PM to 4.00 PM ( except Saturday and Sunday) from 28th April 2020 onwards, except saturdays and sundays.
  • Enrollment is Free.
  • No Maximum limit on Participants, anybody can join the session on YouTube.
  • Faculties, Students and non-teaching staff can join the e-sessions.
  • Link for the e-Assignment will be available in the e-session page/description box and on submission of the same within 4 working days from the conduct of the e-session, participants will receive participation e-certificate by the end of June 2020.
  • All these e-activities are scheduled as either IIC Calendar or MIC Driven Activities and will be assessed towards the final score and star allocation.

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