August 13, 2020


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Interdisciplinary FDP On Understanding contemporary Maoism (Naxalism) in India

Bhumkal Organization, Nagpur Mah.  
 in collaboration with S.N.T. College Ramtek. Nagpur- S. N. Mor College, Tumsar Dist. Bhandara – S.P College, Chandrapur

 Duration : 12 days  (2.30 Hour Per Day) 
 Date:    From 15 July to 26 July 2020
 Time :   10.30 am. to 1.00 p.m.

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 Last date of Registration 15. July.2020


Objective :

Maoist Movement i.e. Naxal Movement has completed more than 50 years. In this period large geographical stretches of the country are affected duo to this problem directly or indirectly. Every day there is a casualty or death of innocent poor, tribals, dalits or backward communities and others especially in rural area. Most of this part is underdeveloped due to conflict of Naxalites/Maoist Movement. This movement is carried out by some specific people for the dream of Communism said to Mao. Many social activist, academicians, journalist etc. have formed a wrong opinion about this movement resulting in a sympathetic attitude towards Maoism due to false propaganda. Furthermore many have join the movement falling prey to false propaganda. However the hideous reality of the movement never comes to the fore. So, the overall perspective of about this movement is based on a wrong assessment of ground reality. 

Many government program and  policies are fail to reached to their goal as well as this rural area ignore by the government which could be cause of  positive atmosphere to grown such violent movements. This is also a serious challenge in front of constitutional system of india.

There is no common understanding about Maoist movement in India among people who usually set the mindset of society, lack of which this movement rooted  strongly in some pocket. This problem is very complex and is an issue of concerns for policy makers, administrators, politicians, academicians, lawyer, social organization, NGOs, students etc.  This course aims at correcting the perspectives on various issues involving Maoist movement. The proposed FDP is beneficial for academicians, researchers, post graduate and undergraduate students etc. Specially teachers in technical education and central university should attain this program as this educational institutions Alway targeted by Maoist for recruitment

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