August 13, 2020


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INTERNATIONAL WEBINAR on Covid-19: Restructuring of Domestic and International Politics?


Department of Political Science
Bankura University P.O. – Purandarpur, District – Bankura, West Bengal, India- 722 155

Date: 27 & 28 July, 2020

Key Dates : Submission of Abstract :
9 July, 2020
Communication of Acceptance of Abstract :
13 July, 2020
Submission of Full Paper : 20 July, 2020
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Call For Papers

International Webinar on Covid-19 : Restructuring of Domestic and International Politics?

Humanity’s dialogue with the nature and the societal circumstances remain as a challenge from the time immemorial and a static factor throughout the human history. Systematization of this dialogue is a crucial challenge and outbreak of Covid-19 Pandemic is nothing but a reminder of such a harsh reality and the never-changing truth. In this crucial juncture social science as the bearer and accelerator of human history has the onus to strike a balance and meeting out solutions to the upcoming threats. Politics in the midst of Covid-19 outbreak as an academic arena or as a theoretical-practical groundwork opens the door for requisite ideas and leaves a room for taxonomical permutation and combination of the field. Redefining existing paradigms of domestic and international politics during the Pandemic outbreak automatically escalates the question of restructuring the existing schema of politics in the domestic and international level. Pandemic has already alternated the methodological advocacy of politics, economics and social sciences. Recent trends in political playfield have already eschewed certain norms and practices and accentuated rational alternatives. Such a process of modifications in methodical understanding can surely raise the issue of reconfiguration of existing equations of both the normativity and empiricism.In the process of foraging axiomatic alternatives in the current climacteric, the very possibility of restructuration and paradigmatic shifts cannot be ignored rather it opens the platform of further thought provocation.

The International seminar entitled “Covid-19: Restructuring of Domestic and International Politics?” invites the insights from the scholars, academicians and expert practitioners of the field. The seminar primarily focuses on three key factors: 1) finding and debating alternatives 2) foraging comparative analysis and debates of existing features of the structure and current changing dimensions 3) enunciating wider understanding of the effectiveness of the discipline in this critical moment of human history. The topic revolves around the questions and debates of restructuration absorbing below mentioned sub-themes but not strictly limited to them.

Sub-themes :

i) India’s Neighbourhood Policy during Pandemic Situation

ii) Changing Nature of Sino-India Relations during Covid-19 Period

iii) Impact of Covid-19 in Reshaping Foreign Policy of Major Powers

iv) Corona Crisis and Its Impact on Socio-Economic Fabric in India

v) Covid-19 and the Changing Nature of Indian State

vi) Scenario of Polity and Political Mobilization during Corona Crisis

vii) Impact of Covid-19 on Labour Migration

viii) Covid-19 and Its Impact on Sustainable Developmental Policies

ix) Impact of Covid-19 on Higher Education

x) Covid-19 and the Issue of Gender

xi) Role of Social Science in Fighting against Pandemic Situation

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Webinar Organising Committee :

Professor Deb Narayan Bandyopadhyay (Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, Bankura University and Chief Patron of the Webinar)

Dr. Kaushik Ghosh (Assistant Professor and Teacher-in-Charge, Department of Political Science, Bankura University; Webinar Chairman) (Phone : +91 9434824873 / E-mail : [email protected])

Dr. Sekhar Sil (Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Bankura University; Webinar Convener) (Phone : +91 9433535262 / E-mail: [email protected])

Ms. Channamma Mondal (Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Bankura University; Webinar Convener) (Phone : +91 9748508676 / E-mail : [email protected])

Dr. Satrajit Banerjee (Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Bankura University; Webinar Convener) (Phone : +91 7908892202 / E-mail : [email protected])

Ms. Pranata Bhattacharya (Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Bankura University; Webinar Convener) (Phone : +91 8388858688 / E-mail : [email protected])

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