Application Invited: India Graduate Mentorship Programme 2024-25

Free mentorship programme to help Indian students from marginalised communities who wish to pursue postgraduate studies abroad.

About the Programme

  • Application Deadline: July 6, 20204
  • The programme is free of cost
  • Individuals from marginalised or underrepresented communities in India are invited to apply.

The India Graduate Mentorship Programme (IGMP) 2024-25 is a mentoring initiative that seeks to help Indian learners from marginalised communities apply to universities abroad for graduate studies (masters and PhD).

We provide both technical (depending on the course/ discipline of interest to the mentee) as well as affinity-based mentorship to support our mentees holistically. We help learners with university and funding/ scholarship applications, and also provide capacity-building support.

The IGMP, launched in 2022, has been a resounding success, witnessing remarkable growth and helping hundreds of students secure admissions to top universities and prestigious scholarships. During the 2022-23 academic year, our mentees collectively received an impressive 300+ admission offers from top universities like the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Harvard University, Yale University, New York University, SOAS University of London, London School of Economics and Political Science, University College London, and John Hopkins University, among others. They also secured 30+ prestigious fully-funded scholarships, including the Chevening Scholarship, Commonwealth Shared Scholarship, Felix Scholarship, Inlaks Scholarship, Clarendon Scholarship, and Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholarship.

The 2023-24 cohort of IGMP mentees has continued this legacy of excellence and success. As of now, our mentees have received 240+ admission offers, successfully making it to prestigious universities such as the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Harvard University, Columbia University, University of Melbourne, SOAS University of London, London School of Economics and Political Science, and University College London. Several of them have also received coveted fully-funded scholarships like the Rhodes Scholarship, Chevening Scholarship, Felix Scholarship, Inlaks Scholarship, Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship, Oxford-India Centre for Sustainable Development Scholarship, Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, among others.

We are excited to continue IGMP for yet another year, and hope that we are able to help more learners from marginalised backgrounds achieve their academic dreams in 2024-25! Applications to be a mentee on the IGMP are now open and will close on Saturday, 6 July 2024. Applications for mentors are accepted on a rolling basis!


Please apply to be a mentee by filling this Application Form only if you meet the eligibility criteria below. You are eligible to apply if:

  • (i) you have completed, or are in the final year of, an undergraduate degree at a college/ university in India;
  • (ii) you are planning to apply for a postgraduate degree (including PhD) abroad (e.g. UK, USA, Australia, Europe) to start in Fall 2025 (September-October 2025); and
  • (iii) you are disadvantaged by social position, economic ability, and/or geography (or other similar factors).

Application Process

If you meet the eligibility criteria specified above, we encourage you to apply to be a mentee with us. Before filling this Application Form, please have the following details ready:

1) Personal Information, including contact details, permanent address, education level of your parents, family income, etc.
2) Information about your Educational Background, including your school information, college/ university degree, medium of instruction, etc.
3) Supporting Information including your CV, plans of higher education, statements on your motivations to study abroad and reasons for applying to this mentorship programme, etc.

All applicants will hear back on the status of their applications by email.

Important: Providing incorrect information may lead to your removal from the mentorship programme. Therefore, we ask that you fill this form carefully.

Click Here to Apply

Note for Applicants:

(i) Mentorship will take place online or via telephonic conversation.
(ii) Information collected through this form will be processed and used solely for the purposes of selecting mentees for the programme and connecting the selected mentees with mentors.

You can withdraw your information at any time by emailing us at
(iii) For clarifications or help with filling this form out, please email us at We will try to respond within a week.

For Details: Visit Here

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