Call for Applications: Academic Programme on Yoga Day

Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR) has been supporting celebration of International Day of Yoga (IYD), which, as declared by UNO, has been usually observed on twenty first day of June of the year. For this, the Council invites applications from the Departments of University or such Educational Institutes/Organizations to hold some academic/research programme on Yoga Day.

The application should be routed through the Registrar/Dean/Director of the Institute. The sanctioned amount shall be released through the Registrar/Dean/Director. No individual application will be entertained by the Council.

To commemorate and celebrate the event, one of the following themes may be selected.

  • Lecture programme on Yoga Philosophy and Practice alongwith demonstration.
  • Round table discussion on Yoga Therapy and healing.
  • Importance of Yoga in present day world – Public Lecture by eminent Yoga expert.
  • Yoga Education and Research.
  • Yoga for Health Happiness & Harmony.

The selected Universities/Institutions will be provided a grant up to Rs. 30,000/- for conducting this event. The faculty and students of neighboring universities and institutions may be invited without exceeding the budget of ICPR. Additional budget, if required may be arranged from the host institute or other sources.

Statement of account of the entire expenditure supported by original Bills/Vouchers, Script of papers, Photographs and Report on the programme are to be submitted to the Council within one month of the completion of the programme (Hard copy) and Report to and to the Link Click Here

The Council reserves the rights to select/reject any application as deemed fit.

  • Application in the prescribed format along with the Bank Authorization Form (available with this and in the Website ( under Downloads) is invited in both soft and hard copy.
  • The application may be filed in with all signatures and seals, and scanned for preparing a soft copy of the same in MS Word or PDF format. The soft copy must be uploaded in the Link: Click Here after filling the necessary data in the online format.

The hard copy may be submitted to the Programme Officer, Indian Council of Philosophical Research,
36, Tughlakabad Institutional Area (Near Batra Hospital), New Delhi- 110 062 by 15th April, 2021.

Application in Word Format – Click Here

Application in PDF Format – Click Here


Dr. S.K. Kar
Programme Officer

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