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THE ERA OF DESIGN (A quarterly Magazine on Art and Design Innovation)


The Era of Design is a multidisciplinary magazine that represents di- verse experiments and explorations of various aspects of Art and Design Initiated by Land of Matrix. This initiative aims to highlight the significance of art and design in the millennium era. The modern world is brimming with Industrial innovation, progress and development.

The diverse and wide range of product productions increase user inte- rest globally in various aspects of our day-to-day life. As a result, The Era of Design makes an effort to compile a collective bag of resources from experts (industrial experts, researchers, academicians, and creative practitioners) all over the world. The specific body of informa- tion contributed clearly has a massive impact in terms of generating and articulating new ideas in the field of Art and Design.

Finally, the apprentices and students of this field are learning more about various global opportunities to explore their creativity. The ini- tiative has become a connecting thread among various art and design communities around the world, providing an effective relationship to user in a new era of creative and inventive revolution.

Furthermore, it will result in a positive shift in the nature of art design educ tion, leading to more experimentation and innovation. This magazine & it’s vision is to provide a new perspective to the current gene- ration by which they can understand various approaches of Art and Design, the purpose of their innovation.production, and execution. and refine the ideas that help to develop an indigenous language as a creative explorer.

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By submission to the Era of Design you agree to the following:

  • The work is your original or someone’s whose permission you have to publish.
  • In case of any controversy regarding source of information of your submission, The Era of Design shall not be involved or held responsible.
  • The Era of Design retains the right to publish your work as a whole, or parts after editing on the web and social media pages.
  • All rights revert to the individual authors upon publication. We ask that you credit us as the place of original publication in case of future reprints.
  • Please enclose a 50-100-word bio in third person, email id and self-photograph with your submission.
  • We are currently a non-paying market.

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