Call for Articles: Original Research Articles on Any Branch of Philosophy

Gauhati University Journal of Philosophy (GUJP)- A peer reviewed annual research journal – a UGC CARE Listed journal invites for its 9th volume (to be published in Dec. 2024)

  • Submission Deadline: September 15, 2024

Gauhati University Journal of Philosophy (GUJP) is one of the oldest departmental Research Journals of Gauhati University. With the First Publication in the year 1993 under the able leadership of Professor Dilip Kumar Chakravarty and Professor Nilima Sharma as Editors, the journal has a glorious history of publishing Six Annual volumes in that series. However, due to certain factors there was a long gap period during which there was no publication of the Journal. 

The Department has however revived it in a new and advanced form, and published  the First volume in the New Series in the year 2016. It has already published 4 volumes of the Journal in its new version. The 5th is under process.

  • Original research articles on any branch of philosophy
  • Review of recently published book of philosophy
  • Short notes on a philosophical issue
  • Comments and critique of an article published in any of the earlier issues of GUJP

Guidelines for Authors

  • Original articles in English language on any branch of philosophy, review of recently published philosophy books, short notes on any philosophical issue, comments and discussions on articles published in earlier issues of GUJP may be submitted (in two copies, one in MS Word and one in PDF) for publication by authors of all categories – teachers, researchers, students and professionals belonging to any discipline. Prospecive authors should submit their manuscripts through the Author Submission Facility. There is no word-limit as such, but repetitions and unnecessary elaborations are to be strictly avoided. 
  • An Abstract of not more than two hundred words should be submitted along with articles. It also should include a few key words related to the paper.
  • The author shall take sufficient care to avoid spelling and grammatical errors.
  • The author has to attach a self-certification to the effect that the write-up has not been published/not sent for publication anywhere else.
  • Name, address, designation, institutional affiliation, phone no. and email id of the author must be provided.
  • Non-English terms are to be written using diacritical marks wherever applicable. The same are to be italicized.
  • Italics, not bold types, should be used to emphasise.
  • Citations/references are to be given using MLA style (please see the style sheet below). Authors shall take enough care to provide detail and exact information of source texts.
  • Notes, if any, are to be given at the end of the article etc. using serial numbers (1,2,3…) for which there should be corresponding super-scripted numbers in the appropriate place in the body of the text.
  • The articles will go through a double peer-review and a plagiarism check for selection.
  • The author would be informed about acceptance or otherwise of their article in due course of time.
  • The editorial board reserves the right to reject any submission on reasons considered appropriate.

Teachers, researchers, students and professionals of any discipline can submit their write-ups in two copies (one in M.S. Word, one in PDF form) along with an Abstract of not more than 200 words and a few keywords latest by September 15, 2024 to Guidelines for Authors and the Style Sheet that are to be complied with while submitting papers could be found at journal website. The author has to self-certify the originality of the article, and that the same has not been published/not sent for publication anywhere else.

Style Sheet (related to article format)

For Details: Visit Here

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