CALL FOR BOOK CHAPTERS: Advanced Mathematical applications in Data Science


The publisher will send the book to Scopus for indexing after publication

Recommended Topic of Interest But not limited

  1. Mathematical modelling in Data Science
  2. Mathematical Algorithms for Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
  3. Using MATLAB with Big Data from Sensors and loT Devices
  4. The relationship between Big Data and Mathematical Modeling
  5. Big Iot Data Analyties: Architecture, Opportunities. And Open Research Challenges
  6. The Role of Mathematics in Data Science
  7. Linear Regression
  8. Logistic Regression
  9. Neural Networks
  10. Decision Tree
  11. Applications of Linear Algebra in Data Science
  12. Big Data and Big Data Analytics: Concepts. Types and Technologies
  1. Foundations of data science
  2. 50 years of Data Science
  3. HEALTH BANK-A Workbench for Data Science Applications in Healthcare.
  4. Radio frequency identification: A new opportunity for data science
  5. Toward a System Building Agenda for Data Integration
  6. Semantic Representation of Data Science Programs.
  7. A Review on Data Science Technologies
  8. Big Data: The Next Era of Informatics and Data Science in Medical Imaging: A Literature Review
  9. Algorithmic Government: Automating Public Services and Supporting Civil Servants in using Data Science Technologies
  10. Big Data Science Training Program at a Minority Serving Institution: Processes and Initial Outcomes
  11. Value based pricing meets data science: A concept for automated spare part valuation
  12. Data science and healthcare Detection
  13. Data Science in Cyber Security Network Security Threat
  14. Skills Requirements of Business Data Analytics and Data Science Jobs: A Comparative Analysis
  15. The Fundamental Principle of Data Science
  16. Soft Computing in Data Science
  17. Data Science Based Mg Corrosion Engineering
  18. How is Statistical Engineering Different from Data Science
  19. Helping Data Science Students Develop Task Modularity
  20. Practitioners Teaching Data Science in Industry and Academia: Expectations, Workflows, and Challenges
  21. The Belmont Report in the Age of Big Data: Ethics at the Intersection of Psychological Science and Data Science
  22. Practical Data Science for Actuarial Tasks
  23. Global River Radar Altimetry Time Series (GRRATS): new river elevation earth science data records for the hydrologic community
  24. Data science: fundamental principles
  25. NumPy/SciPy Recipes for Data Science: Information Theoretic Vector Quantization
  26. Community detection and non-linear dimension reduction techniques in data science
  27. Foundations for Private, Fair, and Robust Data Science
  28. Data Analytics – Mining and Analysis of Big Data

Important Dates

  • Abstract submission: 15th May, 2022
  • Abstract notification: 31st May, 2022
  • Full chapter submission: 30th June, 2022
  • Review notification: 15th July, 2022
  • Final chapter submission: 31st July, 2022

Submission Guidelines

  • Abstract submission: Abstract should be submitted with maximum 250 words
  • Full chapters submission: A book chapter can have up to 15-20 pages in word file.
  • Similarity index should not be more tha 15%.
  • Please follow the timeline of submission.
  • All submitted chapters will be reviewed on double-blind review basis.

Send your submission to:

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