Call for Book Chapters- Memory Studies in the Contemporary Era: An Interdisciplinary Interpretation of World Literature

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Concept Note

This volume seeks original manuscripts from researchers and academicians of the literary field fascinated by the discourse of memory studies. The purview of literary discourses has been remarkably changed, encouraging an interdisciplinary perspective for academic engagements in literature by the emergence of the Irish Memory Studies Network of University College Dublin, the Frankfurt Memory Studies Platform (FMSP) of Goethe University and the Indian Network for Memory Studies (INMS) of IIT Madras. The proper foundation to study human memory was laid by Dr. Endel Tulving, a professor and a neuroscientist, who has brought tremendous evolution in the perspective of the human memory system. While Tulving was focusing on individuals, Maurice Halbwachs stated that memory is not only an individual possession but also a social entity; it is collective. In the contemporary era, Memory Studies is a mode of collaborative learning and understanding to critically examine the cognitive, social, historical, political, and cultural experiences of individuals and communities through diverse platforms like media, technology, historical monuments, museums, repositories, oral culture, commemoration, autobiography, and everyday communication. Memory Studies in humanities, especially in literature, incorporate theoretical insights from diverse disciplines to make it a highly influential area of interdisciplinary study.

The remembrance of things past in the narrative forms reveals war experiences, internal conflicts, personal, socio-political, historical, and cultural experiences of marginalised communities previously oppressed due to their nationality, religion, ethnicity, class and gender, thereby creating space for their identities in the national records. Besides, memory is used as a technique in literary fields to recreate and revisit the selective experiences and periods to determine their status in the present, i.e. what and how the societies remember and forget, what has been manipulated and politicised, and what has to be debated. Under the memory studies framework, this edited volume of critical essays embraces multiple pursuits of memory in the contemporary era to strengthen the scope of interdisciplinary studies and the significance to reinterpret the past. It aims to bring together the deliberations on personal, social, political, historical and cultural experiences of individuals, communities and nations represented in literary narratives in rebuilding lost identity, recovering the marginalised history and commemorating national and cultural events in nation-building

The volume invites original contributions on the following topics, but not limited to, from various research areas of world literature

  • Communicative and cultural memory
  • Memory and marginalised history
  • Memory and identity reconstruction
  • Travel and Memory
  • Transnational and Transcultural Memory
  • Multidirectional Memory
  • Post Memory
  • Memory and Trauma
  • Recovered Memory and Child Abuse
  • False Memory
  • War Memory and Commemoration
  • Archives and Memory
  • Autobiographical Memory and Collective Experiences
  • Autobiographical Narrative and Personal Identity

Interested to Submit?

Prepare an abstract of 250 words, excluding title and keywords, using MLA 8th edition and send it to The authors of the selected abstracts will be notified with instructions to submit the full paper. * There is no publication fee for the chapters.

Remember the Dates:

  • Submission of abstract: on or before June 30, 2023
  • Notification of acceptance: July 15, 2023
  • Submission of the full chapter : August 20, 2023


Dr. Suganya V. is an Ad-hoc faculty in the School of Humanities and Management, National Institute of Technology Andhra Pradesh. She has completed her PhD in Memory and Trauma studies in Contemporary Irish Literature at Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. She was a Research Assistant for the RUSA Project titled “Academic and Technical Writing Training”. She has significant publications in national and international journals. Her research centralises the interdisciplinary aspects of memory and trauma studies in world literature.

Dr. B. Padmanabhan is Assistant Professor in the Department of English &Foreign Languages, Bharathiar University. He has two decades of pedagogical experience in Cognitive Literary Studies, Contemporary Critical Theory, Indian Aesthetics and Cultural Studies. He guides M.Phil. and Ph.D. scholars in the fields of Memory Studies, Ethnic and Indigenous Studies, Digital Humanities and Area Studies. He is the coordinator of the Centre for Electronic Archives and Industry Support housed in the Department of English. He is a member in the Academics Bodies of State Universities and affiliated colleges in Tamil Nadu. He has published over forty research papers in reputed journals and is an editorial board member of several peer-reviewed national and international journals.

Contact: /+91 8667332917 (WhatsApp)

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