Call for Chapters: An Introduction to Approximation Methods

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About the Book

Numerical techniques have always been very helpful especially when we struggle with exact solutions to our problems. Approximation techniques play significant role in solving various complex models, specifically when they are difficult to solve analytically.

The edited book highlights innovative practices of Approximation techniques in modern research. It will focus on the Optimization techniques, Piecewise polynomial approximation (Splines, B- splines), Radial basis functions, Inverse distance power method, Green to Method, Polynomial regression technique, Moving average techniques, Experimental design, Particle Swarm Optimization techniques, genetic algorithm etc.

An Introduction to Approximation Methods

In this book, special emphasis will be given to the use of Approximation methods in the areas of Non-linear Dynamics, Fluid Dynamics, Inventory Control, Supply Chain Management, Big Data, Energy, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc. The main aim of this book is to publish the original articles that bring up the development in the field of Science, Engineering and Mathematics, as well as their applications related to industrial & manufacturing engineering.

We encourage you to upload your contributions in the form of the abstract by filling out the Google form (Click at the link given below). The deadline for the abstract submission is 15 September. 2022. Acceptance will be sent to the selected abstracts for further submission of the book chapters.

Submission/Reg. Link: Click Here

Important Dates:

  • Abstract Submission by 15 September, 2022
  • Full Chapter Submission by 30 September, 2022
  • Review Comments by 25 October, 2022
  • Final Chapter Submission by 15 November, 2022

Dr. Sharanjeet Dhawan,
Department of Mathematics University of Ladakh, Ladakh, India

Dr. A. K. Malik
Professor of Mathematics,
School of Sciences,
U P Rajshree Tandon Open University, Prayagraj-211021

Mobile: Mob: 9887585785; 9784829785


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