Call for Data Engineer Internship

About the Internship

A14Bharat are looking for highly motivated and capable Data Engineers for a 3-6 month long internship program, who would work alongside us in building a pipeline for crawling, scraping, cleaning and filtering content in Indian languages.

This internship is open for any undergraduate student or recent graduates who have good hands-on experience in data engineering


1. Work with faculty from IIT Madras and top researchers from Microsoft on building top-notch tools for Indian languages.
2. Work with an accomplished team of residents and researchers working on NLP, speech, OCR, and sign language.
3. Attractive stipend of Rs. 15,000 per month.


1. You must be a current student at a college or have just graduated in 2021
2. You must have good experience working with writing crawlers/scrapers, extracting content from machine readable or scanned pdfs, splitting text into sentences and tokens.
3. You must have had experience in collaborating with others to build software using tools like Git.

Note: This program is not open to anyone who is currently employed. This is only for current students and those who have just graduated. This is not a research internship.

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AI4Bharat is a top research group at IIT Madras working on AI technologies for Indian languages spanning NLP, speech, OCR, and sign language recognition. To know more about us, Visit Here

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