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1st Call for Paper by Legal Specs Journal of Research and Legal Studies for book bearing ISBN- 978-93-5890-857-X

About Legal Specs

Legal Specs is a community of law aficionados from throughout the country who believe that law should be available to everyone, as stated in the spirit of the Constitution. This community operates under the common motto “Lawyers in Making” with the goal of improving students’ awareness of careers and outreach.

We provide a wide range of legal possibilities, such as internships in various legal areas, legal courses, legal contests, and legal notes. We do not stop there; we also teach students how to flourish in many aspects and how to build their Legal Competency in this highly competitive environment.

About the Journal – Legal Specs Journal of Research and Legal Studies

Legal Specs Journal of Research and Legal Studies is a peer-reviewed publication dedicated to exploring and analyzing various aspects of law and legal systems. It aims to provide a platform for academics, researchers, practitioners, and students to publish their original research, insights, and opinions on the latest developments and emerging issues in the legal field. The journal covers a wide range of topics, including but not limited to, civil and criminal law, international law, comparative law, constitutional law, administrative law, intellectual property law, environmental law, and human rights law.


  1. Criminal Law
  2. Contract Law
  3. Property Law
  4. Tort Law
  5. Constitutional Law
  6. Administrative Law
  7. International Law
  8. Environmental Law
  9. Immigration Law
  10. Labor and Employment Law
  11. Intellectual Property Law
  12. Health Law
  13. Family Law
  14. Tax Law
  15. Securities Law
  16. Cyber Law
  17. Bankruptcy Law
  18. Civil Rights Law
  19. Alternative Dispute Resolution
  20. Evidence Law.


  1. The impact of technology on privacy laws
  2. The constitutionality of warrantless searches and seizures
  3. The effects of mandatory minimum sentencing laws
  4. The effectiveness of restorative justice in reducing recidivism
  5. The role of international criminal courts in combating global crimes
  6. The legality of the death penalty in modern society
  7. The impact of social media on freedom of speech
  8. The legal implications of police brutality and use of excessive force
  9. The intersection of law and medicine in end-of-life decision-making
  10. The effects of legalizing marijuana on criminal justice systems
  11. The legality of affirmative action policies in education and employment
  12. The ethical considerations of genetic testing and privacy
  13. The effects of intellectual property laws on innovation and creativity
  14. The legal implications of cyberbullying and online harassment
  15. The role of government in regulating internet privacy and data security
  16. The legality of mandatory vaccination policies in public health
  17. The effects of anti-discrimination laws on workplace diversity and inclusion
  18. The legal considerations of artificial intelligence and autonomous machines
  19. The role of international law in protecting human rights
  20. The impact of climate change on environmental law and policy.

Note – Please note that the topics and subjects listed above are not exhaustive, and there are many other areas of law that law students may be interested in exploring for their research papers or studies. These are simply suggestions to help spark ideas and provide a starting point for research. Students should feel free to explore other areas of law that interest them and are relevant to their coursework or professional goals.

Important Dates

  • Last date of submission- 30th April, 2023
  • Communication of Acceptance- 5th May, 2023
  • Date of Publication- By the Second Week of May

Review policy

  1. After the Submission is received by Legal Specs, the receiving will be given to candidates and the entire review procedure will take at least 5 days, as a result of which we will expect you to wait for the said time.
  1. The entire review procedure will be done in 2 stages.
    1. Stage 1– Plagiarism check and Grammar check.  
    2. Stage 2– Review procedure, by Editorial Team.
  1. The total review procedure entertained by the Legal Specs editorial team will be done on double blind peer review that is the review will be done utmost twice, be in in the stage 1 or stage 2 beyond that if any of the submission will be found incomplete, the final rejection will be given for the Manuscript and the submission will be completely rejected.
  1. Right from the receiving is granted to candidates, the manuscript will be sent for Plagiarism checking, the Plagiarism check software used by the Editorial team of Legal Specs is the Turnitin software, the Plagiarism is approved till 10%, over that no further increase will be accepted, and all the manuscript exceeding the plagiarism criteria will be rejected and sent back, which can be reduced through paraphrasing.
  1. After plagiarism check, Vocabulary and Grammar of the Manuscript will be checked and the Manuscript that lacks the same will be sent back, for the required changes. 
  1. After the said changes have been made and the manuscript will be sent to Legal Specs Editorial team for the review of submission, the Editorial team assigned for the Manual Review team, consist of two members, only after acceptation from first member of the team, second member will finally receive the submission for final manual review.
  1. The Submission will finally only be accepted when both the members are satisfied with the Manuscript. The Manuscript submission will stand to rejection even if one of the members is unsatisfied by the submitted Manuscript, which directly means that, Editorial Board is divided by 1:1 ratio. 

Submission Guideline-

  1. Candidates will be required to submit their Papers to Legal Specs via Google forms, or the submission can be mailed, with subject line – “Submission for Call for Paper” no other means of submissions will be accepted unless stated otherwise.
  1. The Editorial team will revert with analytical reviews within 5 days of receiving the Manuscript either with the submission or Rejection of Submission. 
  1. The time for analysis will start right after receiving by the Legal Specs is sent to the students from our connective means of Communication. 
  1. The Articles as well as Research papers sent by students should be in a proper format-
  • Line spacing- 1.5  
  • Alignment – Justified  
  • Theme font- Times New Roman  
  • Headings- Font Size-14, Bold and CAPITAL  
  • Subheading- Font Size-12, Bold  
  • Body- Font Size-12  
  • Footnotes/ Endnotes – Calibri, 10 
  • Citation Style – OSCOLA 4th Edition/ Bluebook 20th Edition 
  1. If any of the Article or Research paper does not meet the above guidelines, the sent submission will be strictly rejected after one-time review.

Nature of submission

  • Article- Between 1500- 3000 words (exclusive of footnotes)
  • Case commentary- Between 1500- 2500 words (exclusive of footnotes)
  • Blog- Between 1000- 1500 words (exclusive of footnotes)

Publication Charges-

  • Single authored chapter: INR 200/- 
  • Co-Authored Chapter: INR 400/-

Note: Payment to be made only after selection.

Review of the paper will be done free of cost, even if the paper gets rejected the comments for changes will be added.

Payments to be made at 9956502457 or shreeyanshu999@okhdfcbank.

Submission Procedure

Mail the manuscript at with subject “Submission”.

Contact Details-

Shivani Sharma

Contact No – 7089985066 or mail at

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