Call for Papers: Posthumanizing Disability: Critiques and Perspectives

  • Academic Book with ISBN(print)
  • Suitable article processing cum publication charges apply

Possible topics are but are not limited to:

  • Posthuman theories, methods, thinkers, and approaches related to Disability Studies
  • Disability in literature (fiction, film, drama, advertisement, etc.)
  • Posthumanism and Prosthetic Enhancements
  • Posthuman Politics and Bioethics
  • Body as Prosthesis of the Mind
  • Posthuman hybrid ontologies
  • Queer Art and Disability
  • Conventional notions of Disability and their Critiques
  • Posthumanism and Genetic Mutations
  • Disability and COVID 19-pandemic
  • Disability in SF (speculative fiction, cyberpunk, and fantasy)
  • Posthumanism and Artificial Intelligence
  • Barriers,taboos, and transgressions
  • Stigma and ostracism
  • BwOs and Disability
  • Monolithic definitions of Disability (medical, social, and political) vs. notions of Disability as Special Ability
  • Bodily transformations through aesthetics
  • Psychoanalysis and disabilities

Guidelines for potential contributors:

  1. The research paper must be in English.
  2. MLA 8th edition is to be followed for citing sources and stylistics.
  3. Articles should be between 2500 and 4000 words including an Abstract of 100-150 words and a bio-note all sent in a single word file.
    4. Book Reviews should not exceed 1500 words.
  4. The paper should be original and not accepted elsewhere for publication or already published. In case it has been accepted elsewhere, the editor(s) are to be duly informed.
    5. The author is solely responsible for plagiarism or copyright infringement, if detected.
  5. A plagiarism checker will be used to ascertain the genuineness of the articles. In case an article contains unacknowledged borrowings in excess of the accepted limit, it will be summarily rejected.
  6. Acceptance or Rejection is the sole prerogative of editor(s) who may also make suitable modifications to your article or may ask you for the same, if necessary.
  7. Acceptance within seven days from the date on which the CFP closes.
  8. Papers will be considered on a first-come-first-served basis.
  9. Suitable article processing cum publication charges apply.

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