CALL FOR PAPERS: Special Issue- Pedagogical Innovations in the English Classroom

  • Fortell: Journal of Teaching English Language and Literature
  • (UGC CARE Listed)
  • ISSN: Print 2229-6557, Online: 2394-9244
  • Fortell, Issue 47 (July 2023)
  • Last date for submission: December 31, 2022

To use an acronym from the field of management, we seem to inhabit a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world and are increasingly being confronted with new and
unknown challenges. Academia is not untouched by the rapid socio-cultural, political and economic developments all around, and the education system has witnessed a significant change in curriculum in the recent decades, with a thrust towards syllabi that traverses
disciplinary boundaries, encourages skills development, and engages students’ interests. Given the changing needs of the learner, pedagogical innovation on the part of the educator becomes almost a necessity, where the teacher needs to reinvent and strategize his/her teaching practices to suit the constantly transforming learning contexts.

To address pedagogical concerns emerging from the growing needs of the learner, use of technology, syllabi revisions etc., it is imperative that teacher training programmes be geared towards encouraging innovative approaches in the classroom, making learning process more
experiential, learner-centric and holistic. While research is paramount for conceptual formulations of contemporary pedagogies, it is important for teachers to engage in innovative practices which beside optimizing learning may improve development of cognitive and meta-
cognitive skills in learners, boost their motivation, and facilitate collaborative learning.

We invite research papers exploring pedagogic theories of innovative approaches in language/literature teaching and articles based on empirical data and authentic classroom experiences of teaching English in different educational contexts.

Some Suggested Areas

  • Shift from teacher centric to student centric classrooms
  • Inclusive practices
  • Multilingualism as a resource in the English classroom
  • Pedagogical creativity in using theatre, music and art as entry points to teaching texts
  • Fostering student creativity through activities like storyboards, role play, games, etc.
  • Encouraging collaborative learning through group activities and teamwork projects
  • Exploiting technology for teaching English language and literature

Fortell, a peer-reviewed journal of the Forum for Teachers of English Language and Literature, is published bi-annually in January and July by FORTELL, New Delhi. Copyright for the individual contribution rests with the author. However, Fortell should be acknowledged as the original source of publication in a subsequent publication. Fortell retains the right to republish any of the contributions in its future publications or to make it available in electronic form for the benefit of its members.

Guidelines for Submission

Soft copies of research papers (not exceeding 4000 words inclusive of 100-150 words abstract, 4-5 key words and references), book reviews (750-1000 words), reports (500-750 words),
language games/activities (400-500 words) should be sent along with a brief bio-note of the contributor in about 25-30 words to the Coordinating Editor at

  • Articles should conform to the 7th edition of APA style sheet in format, citations and references.
  • The contributors should give a declaration that the paper does not violate the copyright law and has not been submitted for publication anywhere else.
  • The contributor should also attach along with his/ her submission a plagiarism report of the article.
  • The contributors should clearly indicate their name, email address, mobile number and complete mailing address with the pin code.

Visit Website: Click Here regarding guidelines for submission.

Any manuscript not following the submission guidelines or incomplete in any respect will not be considered for publication.

Issue Editors:

Dr. Ruchi Kaushik, Associate Professor, Department of English, Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi
Dr. Rachna Sethi, Associate Professor, Department of English, Rajdhani College, University of Delhi

Note: Fortell does not charge any processing/publication fee. However, in case a contributor needs a hard copy of the issue in which his/her contribution has appeared, he/she has to seek subscription for the journal. For subscription details visit our website.

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