Call for Papers: Women in Power, Powerful Women: Medieval and Early Modern Insights


  • When: 15 NOVEMBER 2024
  • Call for Papers
  • Deadline for proposals 31 July 2024

Keynote speaker: Erin Griffey (University of Auckland, NZ)

The symposium considers medieval and early modern women’s exercise of formal and informal power in domestic, religious, economic, political and public spaces. It explores how women wielded power in quotidian life and through rituals, objects and creative practices. Focusing on the interplay between gender and authority, it aims to tease out the mechanisms by which women accessed power, how they used it and the significance of emotion in these processes.

Topics can include but are not limited to:

  • Queenship and displays of monarchical power and/or identity
  • Patronage
  • Court performances and interactions
  • Fashion, dress, and power
  • Convents as centres of religious, political, and economic authority
  • Gift-giving, hospitality, and generosity
  • Women and print culture
  • Displays of gendered emotions
  • Drama, theatre, and literary performances
  • Medieval and early modern spectacles in the modern era
  • Gender pedagogies

Please email proposals to

Organisers: Claire Walker, Paula Plastić, and Grace Waye-Harris

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