• Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT madras
  • DoHSS Academic Conference 2021
  • Last Date: 20th February 2021

About the Conference

The spatial turn in the humanities and social sciences can be traced to the 1980s, originating in the discipline of critical geography. It draws upon various sources, some dating back to the early and mid-twentieth century,
such as Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project and the writings of Henri Lefebvre. Pioneers such as Michel de Certeau and Doreen Massey showed that space was not a flat, timeless entity but one that is generated through
individual and institutional strategies and tactics, being a process in time, without a clear boundary separating the outside from the inside. While there are myriad definitions of space and spatiality, the emerging
understanding is that of space as a relational entity created by and conceived through networks of changing human relationships, which in turn shapes but does not determine these relationships. This process itself has been captured by conceptualisations of heterotopia, assemblage theory, Lefebvre’s “trialectics of spatiality” , and Edward Soja’s extension of this theory, to mention a few (Soja, 1996)¹. Today, the pervasive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a reconfiguration in our understanding of spatial networks.

In light of these various perspectives, we invite papers that engage with interdisciplinary understandings of spatiality, such as

  • • Economic and environmental dimensions of land and resources, in relation to questions of ownership, displacement and resettlement
  • • Territoriality, statehood and citizenship in political science
  • • Formal and informal economies as co-producers of urban space
  • • Public space, street life and liminality
  • • Religion, ritualistic practice and notions of the sacred
  • • Risk and safety, with respect to gendered aspects of space
  • • Making, remaking and resistance to LGBTQ spaces
  • • Cyberspace, social networks and virtual reality
  • • Reimagination of space through literature, theatre and cinema
  • • Memory studies, material engagement theory and debates on the “thingness of space”

Submission Procedure

  • Students pursuing their masters or doctoral research in any institution, in India or overseas, are eligible to present their papers at this conference. Please email your abstract and a brief bio (in separate attachments) through the (link or code below) by 20th February 2021. Abstracts must be no longer than 500 words and must contain a draft title. No more than 10 keywords may be added.

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