Rama Mehta Writing Grant 2022

The Rama Mehta Writing Grant was set up in 2021 to nurture the creative talent of women writers. Though the grant is offered to only one writer from every language, the aim is to encourage as many writers as we can and help provide a platform for their creative expression. To this end, we offer workshops by veteran writers from all four languages to our shortlisted candidates. The shortlist and final selection is made by a distinguished jury that follows a rigorous selection process. We believe that true empowerment comes from being making your voice heard, and would like this Grant to help as many women find their voice and creative expression as possible.

Eligible candidates need to:

  • Be a woman or identify as a woman
  • Have a connection with Rajasthan by birth or marriage, or education or prolonged stay due to other reasons. or by being born into a family based in Rajasthan
  • Not have published a full-length book, a collection of short stories or have a short story published in an anthology by a traditional publishing outlet. This does not include self-publishing, being published in newspapers or journals


  • Entries are accepted online between November and January every year
  • The first short list is announced in April
  • Writers’ workshops are held in June-July
  • Final winners are announced on 23rd September every year

Keep in Mind

  • The grant is open for ages 18 and above
  • The decisions of the jury are final and binding
  • All shortlisted candidates are notified by mail and their names are announced on this website.
  • We do not write to the other candidates but encourage them to apply again the next year.

Visit Here to Apply

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