Competition: Young Designers League 2022

Organizer: MIT-ID Indore in association with Digital Impact Square – DISQ (A TCS Foundation Initiative)

About the Competition

This event is envisioned to be a collaborative effort between the industry and academia to give a holistic and conducive environment for participants.

  • No Registration fees
  • Last Date of Submission 10th October 2022
  • Final Round and Award Ceremony: 16th December, 2022
  • Win cash prizes worth 50,000 INR in different categories


  • Cash Prizes (winners)
  • Trophies (winners)
  • Participation certificates (all for stage 2 participants)
  • Travel allowances (All for stage 2 participants)
  • Recognition (For winners)
  • Showcase on social media and our web page (Winners)

Themes for Design Challenge

Agricultural Revolution – Energy Conservation – Food Security – Rural Innovation


Aspiring Student (Individual) Category:

  • 1st Prize is Rs. 50,000.
  • 2nd Prize is Rs. 30,000.
  • 3rd Prize is Rs. 20,000.

Existing Design student (team) category:

  • 1st Prize is Rs. 50,000.
  • 2nd Prize is Rs. 40,000.
  • 3rd Prize is Rs. 30,000.

5 consolation prizes worth Rs 5,000 (Cash/vouchers) to be won in both the categories.


The Design Challenge is open to the following student categories.

Aspiring Design Students

Students who are appearing for their 12th standards in any board registered in India and are looking for creative career options of design.Students are welcomed who,

  1. Have creative problem solving attitude towards everyday life problems.
  2. Want to bring change in the society with their keen observations on it.
  3. Are concerned about Design as a profession.
  4. Want to see and meet design practitioners in the finest of design studios in Indian industries.

Existing Design Students

Students already registered to any of the design institute for post graduate or undergraduate level.

Students not only in core design streams but interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary domain are also eligible to participate into this challenge.

Stages for Design challenge

The Design challenge will be conducted in two stages.

  • Stage 1 will be happening in online mode. Students will be submitting their creative ideas before the last date of submissions. Students shortlisted by the jury will be informed by various (Email, SMS, and Website.) modes.
  • Stage 2 will be happening it MIT ID, Indore Campus followed by multiple intresting activities and award ceremony.


What is the process after registration?

Participants will work on any of the given themes for their solutions and submit the work before the declared deadline for submission. The jury will assess and shortlist the candidates for the next round. This entire process will be online.Your solution should look like this:
Based on your idea, you may create solutions and present your final outcome via any creative means. Like;

  1. Your complete process of ideation, final design solution (it may be write-ups, including visuals, drawings, illustrations, mock-ups, prototypes, videos, or any creative blend of all mentioned above.
  2. You may use any material which is correct to represent your idea and readily available in your local market or even at home.
  3. You may include images of your research on the problem area if you are going out to capture real-time issues in your presentation.
  4. Take clear and high-quality pictures of your work, models/prototypes, etc.
  5. You must write/type about your approach along with your sketches. (It is advised you type after scanning your work)
  6. If you are writing the solution by hand, please ensure it is readable to the jury. (unclear entries will be rejected).
  7. Create a stage-wise document in any of the software like PowerPoint or similar, but remember to convert your file into PDF format.
  8. Name your file with your name followed by the registration number. Registration number you will be receiving once you register for the challenge. For example, if your name is Rahul Sharma and your registration ID is 100056 then save the file as Rahulsharma_100056
  9. Also, ensure the final file size must not be higher than 10 MB.
  10. In case you have created videos or files which are heavy & may not be included in pdf then create a shared google drive where you can keep your files & then the link must be shared into the PDF file. Make sure you have ‘shared the file with access ‘anyone on the internet can view’.
  11. Once you are ready with your work, please go to the link provided for the “submit here” on the main web page or scan the QR code & upload your file there. (make sure that you read the message “upload completed” before logging out.

Your work will be rejected if;

  • The work is not original and copied from the internet.
  • If image or writing quality is poor or blurred.
  • If you show solutions that are already available in the market.
  • If you use readymade equipment available in the market.

Register and Submit Here


  1. The shortlisted students will be informed via email & the results will be available on the web page in the “Results” section.
  2. You may fill in your registration number & check the status of your result.
  3. The qualifiers from the first stage will be invited to campus for participating in the final showdown. The participants will have to bring their model/designs to demonstrate their solution. This entire process will be on campus.
  4. Our team will coordinate with you for your lodging & boarding arrangements.
  5. On 18th November 2022, you are expected to be present on campus at 0900 am. (kindly ready benefit section on other information on how to reach Ujjain & then finally to the campus.)
  6. All the shortlisted students are expected to bring their original work for the final round, they may bring their models, sketches, charts, collages, or any other thing to demonstrate their design ideas.
  7. All the students will be asked to showcase their work in various spaces in the university & then a distinguished jury will see their work. Each participant will be given a time of 8-10 minutes where they might be asked questions by the jury.
  8. If required, you may bring your laptops or pen drives if you want to show your solution in digital mode. (projectors will be provided to present).
  9. After the jury finishes their assessments, the final winners will be announced in the formal ceremony in the evening.

Your work will be rejected if;

  • If you do not bring your all associated work with you for the presentation. (it is advised you make sure the models/prototypes are in sizes that can be transported along with you.)
  • If you are not able to explain your journey & the story of your idea to the jury in a defined time.
  • If you are not physically present for your designated turn.

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