ComQuizzz Series 2021

Organizer: Department of Commerce (Unaided), Sri Paramakalyani College, Alwarkurichi

About the Quiz

  • Prepared primarily for XII std students, but also UG, PG students, and anyone interested in Commerce can attend this QUIZZZ III from May 13, 2021 to May 18,2021
  • There is No Registration fee
  • Participants will take all three quizzes and receive an E – Certificate for each subject if they pass each subject with a minimum score of 40

For Financial Accounting Quiz: Participate Here

Commerce Quiz: Participate Here

BUSINESS ECONOMICS Quiz: Participate Here


Dr. R. Venkataraman – Principal, Sri Paramakalyani College

Mr. M. Karthikeyan – HOD (UG & PG Dept)  – Quiz Convener for Financial Accounting

Mrs. P. Mary – Assistant Professor of Commerce  – Quiz Convener for Commerce

Mr. E. Raguraman – Assistant Professor of Commerce – Quiz Convener for Economics

Organising Committee Members:

  • Dr. R. Sivasankari – HOD  – B.Com (CS) 
  • Mrs. K. Subbu Lakshmi – Assistant Professor of Commerce
  • Dr. V. Subramanian –  Assistant Professor of Commerce
  • Dr.T.S. Subbu Lakshmi – Assistant Professor of Commerce
  • Dr.S.Sundaramoorthy – Assistant Professor of Commerce
  • Mr. K. Sivasankar – Assistant Professor of Commerce
  • Ms. S. Asifa – Assistant Professor of Commerce  
  • Ms. V. Sathya Lakshmi Assistant Professor of Commerce  
  • Mrs. R. Ramya – Assistant Professor of Commerce  

Note: Daily 100 Certificates only issued through Certify’ em. So wait for a week. If you have any queries about the quiz, please contact the respective subject convener through mail

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