Discussion on “Sovereignty and the Desire of Being”

Organizer: PG Department of English, Government Arts and Science College, Calicut, Kerala, India

Date: 27th November, 20202.30 pm

Talk by Dr. Krishnan Unni P

Faculty at the Dept. of English, Deshbandhu College.

  • Platform: Google Meet

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About the Lecture Series

We are extremely glad to announce that the PG Department of English is observing its Golden Jubilee this year under the banner ‘AUREA 2020’. The department, its alumni, former teachers’ fraternity and other stakeholders have planned to organise a year- long programmes- academic & non- academic. One of the year- long programmes is a TALK SERIES. The areas that the series tries to engage would be from wide vistas of knowledge- English Studies, Culture Studies, World Literatures, Subaltern Studies, New Theoretical Turns, Mass Media and Communication, so on and so forth. We plan to address participants comprising students, teacher- facilitators, research scholars and other academicians in and out of the country.


Dr. Moncy Mathew
(Head of the Dept.)

K.R. Ragi
(Coordinator- Golden Jubilee Lecture Series)

Contact: 9946847682

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