Five Days Webinar on “Emotional Hygiene sessions”

Organizer: Thepsyk-life in collaboration with

  • When: 6-10 May- Time:  4-5 PM
  • Platform: Zoom
  • Charges: Free of cost

Topics & Dates:

  • 6th May- Mental health these days- (Being mindful of our psychological health especially during the Pandemic + techniques to manage psychological health during the pandemic)
  • 7th May-  Could it be more stressful- (Understanding stress & negative emotions + their impact on physical & mental health)
  • 8th May- A sucessful relationship, is there- (How to handle interpersonal  relationships)
  • 9th May- Handling academic stress- (Academic stress+ management techniques)
  • 10th May- Can I control how I feel- (Emotional hygiene: My emotions+ Regulating emotions + techniques to practice mental and emotional  hygiene on a daily basis)

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Learn about your psychological needs. Gain understanding into who you really are. Understand your trigger points & stressors. Learn Emotional hygiene+ behavioral techniques+ Self help strategies, a step towards improving quality of your life!

Contact Kirti: 9711910321

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