Free Awareness E-Quiz on COVID-19

Organizer: Arts and Education Department, Kasturi College of Education, Coimbatore-641008.

About the Quiz

  • No Registration Fee
  • E-Certificate will be provided to all the participants
  • After submission kindly check your email address for the certificate
  • Only one Attempt for the participant
  • The E-Quiz link will be available to 30-04-2021

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Dr.M. Radhakrishnan

Kasturi College of Education,
Coimbatore-641 008.
Organizing Committee Members

  1. Dr.N. Kasthuri, Assistant professor in Tamil
  2. Dr.S. Umarani, Assistant Professor in Commerce
  3. Mrs.J. Loganayagi, Assistant Professor in Education
  4. Mrs. S. Thiruniraiselvi, Assistant Professor in Computer Science
  5. Mr.P. Pugazhenthi, Assistant Professor in Education
  6. Mr.P. Mohanraj, Assistant Professor in Education

Contact – 9043066785 (or) 9367722000

Email to :

Note – Participants enter your correct Email, Full name, Designation, Name of institutions to ensure Prompt Delivery of your certificates.

3 thoughts on “Free Awareness E-Quiz on COVID-19

  1. Coronovirus know as covid-19 this diease arise from china and spread all over the world because of covid many people die and lost these close ones this is very dangerous diease which spread very fastly but if we take some percaution so we can able to safe from this diease ..first to wear face mask and santize your self and specially your hand so you will safe but if you any symtoms of covid like fever, cough, nausea, breathing issues so donot panic and consulde to your doctor at the end be safe and help other

  2. Now adays the great obstruction of the students to learn is what we face from now. COVID-19 is quickly spreading that’s why many people dont have work, they got the problems in terms of financial so in this topic about awareness we can finally be aware.

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