International Webinar On Theory and Practice: Transnational Conversations on Gender and Sexuality (TAP)

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Organizer: The Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality at Ashoka University, and the Center for Study of Gender and Sexuality at New York University 

Date: 2nd December 2020 – Time: 9 pm IST

This second webinar in the series will focus on Colonialism, Sex, Disease. Given the cultural politics surrounding Covid-19 – the racialized health disparities it lays bare, the anxieties around intimacy and contact that it generates – this session will seek to provide a longer historical arc through which to view the current crisis. We will explore the complex ways in which understandings of health, disease, and contagion have been inextricable from anxieties around race and sex, and the sex of the “other” in particular.  In so doing we will contextualize the current crisis and trace its pre-history to earlier moments of cultural anxiety around race, sex, disease, and contagion.

For this session, we will be joined by Professor Sadia Abbas from Rutgers University (U.S.A.), Professor Nayan Shah from University of Southern California (U.S.A.) and Professor Charu Gupta from University of Delhi (India).

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