International Workshop on “Fractional Derivatives: Theory & Computations with Applications (FDTCA 2021)”

Organizer: Department of Mathematical Sciences, IIT-BHU Varanasi, India

About the Workshop

  • When: November 12-14, 2021
  • online mode
  • Registration Fee Needed


Faculty / Researchers / Scientist from academic/ technical institutions / industries and R&D Centres- Postdoctoral/Ph.D. students from various institutes, universities, colleges and research organizations.


  • ◆ Fractional ODEs & PDEs.
  • ◆ Approximation Methods.
  • ◆Fractional Order Modeling of Dynamic Systems.
  • ◆ Fractional Control Problems.
  • ◆ Fractional Calculus in Image/Signal Processing.
  • ◆ Fractional Variational Calculus and Fractional Euler-Lagrange Equation.
  • ◆Analytical and Numerical Solutions of Fractional Variational Problems

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