Meeting on Contribute to the School of Happiness

Organizer: Mindselo

About the Event

  • Date: 1st August 2021
  • Time: 4.00 Pm Onwards

Mindselo is a curriculum popularly known as the School of Happiness. We aim to help people live a happy and fulfilled life by teaching them the most important lessons that our education system forgot to teach. Our major chapters include Happiness, Love, Compassion, Peace, Joy, Harmony, Relationship, Art, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Meaningful life, Passion and many more.

Mindselo inviting applications for educators who have ideas worth spreading, wisdom worth sharing and experiences worth broadcasting to others for their better. If you believe that your light and aura can transform the lives of millions, we invite you to this meeting of like-minded people.

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Meeting Details will be sent to you via email and WhatsApp.

Mindselo wanted to create a dynamic content moment to spark a conversation around Love, peace, compassion, personal development, emotional wellbeing, mental health, economy, passion, relationships, humility, joy, happiness, human values, gratitude, resilience, universal brotherhood, etc and inspire the viewers to take action.

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Contact: +918287864955

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