Multidisciplinary E-Conference on “The Rising Perspectives Perspectives to Sustainable and Creative Economy”

Call for Papers

Organizer: Department of Economics and IQAC in association with University of Mumba

  • Important Dates:
  • Conference Date: 22nd May, 2021
  • Submission of Full Research Paper: 3rd May, 2021
  • Publication: (Full-length Paper) in “International Journal of Advanced and Innovative Research” [Peer Reviewed Journal with Impact Factor 7.36]
  • Publication Charges – NIL (for first 50 selected papers)

About the Conference

Department of Economics and IQAC, Thakur College of Science & Commerce, intend to start this new conversation through this Conference. The Conference aptly titled “National Multidisciplinary E-Conference on – The Rising Perspective to Sustainable & Creative Economy” tries to find the new, innovative, sustainable, unseen, and unheard
solutions for the problems around us.

From the age-old problems of hunger, poverty, or unemployment to newer problems like the COVID-19 pandemic, environmental degradation, or financial distress we need to learn to explore, discuss and deliberate on new scopes and perspectives to solving our problems.

The conference intends to take a holistic approach in identify and mending the problems. Let it be using bar-code to promote the education or use the mobile application for micromanaging loans or make a cost-effective paddy weeder. We have done it all. But this innovative, new thinking needs to reach out to larger audiences. Be it government
intervention or Public-Private-Partnership or Social enterprises, we need to make this change for making our lives artistically, physically, economically, environmentally, politically, socially, scientifically, and metaphysically better.
Thus, we invite all the students, teachers, researchers, academicians, and everyone to join in for a new, improved, and innovative conversation on the problems which are surrounding us. It is not just about listing the problems but working towards identifying pragmatic solutions for the same.

The Conference is based on the framework of Sustainable Development Goals with an aim to provide novel, imaginative, pragmatic, and progressive solutions to the global and local issues impacting economies around the world.

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Ms. Kankana Ghosh (+91-98921-40955)
Ms. Anju Yadav (+91-79773-79115)


Thakur College of Science & Commerce, Mumbai.

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