Organizer: Department of Physical Educatio, K.L.E. Society’s S. K. Arts College and H. S. Kotambri Science Institute, Hubballi

  • This Online yoga championship is open for participants nationwide to ensure that the maximum number of students can take part in these competitions.
  • Eligibility: This Online yoga competition is open to students as per following age group from any part of the nationAge Group: 18-22
  • For first 3 winners, Cash prizes will be announced on Mega International Yoga Day-21st June-2021 with our Alumni, Bailbasappa, Yoga Coach, Singapore

Objectives of the Competition

  • The main objective of conducting and organizing this National Yoga competition is to identify talent in yoga.
  • To provide a platform for getting success in the yoga field.
  • To increase the awareness about yoga and also to inspire more people to adopt yoga in their lifestyle in this situation (Covid-19 Pandemic).

Dress Code:
• Men: Tight Short.
• Women: Swimming Costume.

Compulsory 4 Asana – Holding 30 Sec.
• Prasarita Padahastasana or Standing Forward Bend with Feet Apart Pose
• Paschim Namaskarasana or Reverse Prayer Pose
• Gomukhasana or Cow Face pose
• Dhanurasana or Bow Pose
• Halasana or Plow Pose

Rules and Regulations:

  • The participants have to submit their yoga performance video before 19th June 2021.
  • Each participant has to submit a video of 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Each and every participant has to disclose the apps they have used to enhance the aesthetic of the video and should not temper the speed of the video.
  • It is expected from the candidate to shoot their video from the camera having at least 12 mp or higher and positioned in such a way all the body part get captured in the frame while performing.
  • Candidates have to shoot their video to a white backdrop and must wear proper yogic attire.
  • After that students have to save their video on any social media handle and send it to the following Email:
  • The online event of Yoga performance of selected participants will be on 20th 8.00 am.

Note: Organizers are not responsible for any injury during performance.

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Dr.Siddesh M.B.
Organizing Secretary

Shri. C.K. Patil

Dr. Uma V. Nerle


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