Online Quiz on Raja Rao’s Kanthapura

Organizer: R.K.S.D. (P.G.) College, Kaithal (Haryana)

About the Quiz

  • All the teachers/research scholars/PG & UG students/literary enthusiasts can participate
  • Those who score 60 percent or more will get an E-certificate
  • The Quiz will remain open to 8th Feb, 2022

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There is but one force in life and that is Truth, and there is but one love in life and that is love of mankind, and there is but one God in life and that is the God of all

You could easily name the author of this line promptly and easily. One of the most creative voices of all times, RAJA RAO, an eminent Indian writer of English-language novels and short stories, whose works are deeply rooted in metaphysics.

Overcoming the gap caused by Third Wave of COVID-19, we are here once again to reaffirm our collective will to live and make our world safer and happier. Keeping the precedence of putting more efforts in Students – centric activities bringing qualitative change in teaching learning process and also with a focus to build confidence , concentration and to identify gaps in retaining the text by an initiative for a better learning

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