Online Skit Competition on the Topic Importance of Social Harmony in India

Organizer: Society for Communal Harmony

About the Competition

  • The last date of video to be sent is on 14/08/2022
  • Free Registration
  • Competition is open for students
  • The Amount of prize is ₹ 5001
  • The winning team will be honored with the National Award
  • All participants will get the certificate

India is a country of multi-ethnic culture where people belonging to different religious, racial, cultural and lingual identities live together harmoniously. Communal harmony is the essence of democracy in a country governed by the rule of law. Etymologically, harmony means ‘Joint’. It is understood as ‘binding together and being in concord with one another and the cosmos and in the context of communities of different thoughts and beliefs – be it social, economic, political and ecological. It simply means living with unity and mutual reciprocity, beyond class, caste, creed, religion and gender barriers.

A skit competition is organized to promote communal harmony in India. In this, every group should have a maximum of ten students and the time of skit should not be more than 13 minutes.

Objective of the Event

  • To promote communal harmony and national integration, which will highlight and strengthen the bonds of unity
  • To bring students together and make them aware about their fundamental duty to promote harmony and the spirit of common brotherhood

Register Here

Participants will be judged for their content, acting, and presentation. The video of the presentation should be sent on the email

About the Organization

Society for Communal Harmony is an association of men and women dedicated to promote and strengthen communal harmony. It was established in 1990 by a multi-religious group of freedom fighters and spiritual activists including Dr. Bishambharnath Pande, Ali Mian Nadavi, Sadiq Ali, S. M. Subbarao, Lama Lobzang, Somnath Chatterjee, Rabi Ray, Surendra Mohan, C. K. Jaffer Sharief, Abdul Kareem Parekh, Kuldeep Nayar, Chandrabhal Tripathi, Nirmala Deshpande, Dr. A. K. Merchant, and Abdul Mannan among others. The Society aims at promoting unity and fraternity through justice, peace and progress as enunciated in the preamble of the Constitution of India. It has taken constructive initiatives for inter-faith dialogues, awareness building among students and youth, interventions in conflicts, and relief and justice for the victims of communal violence. Its activities include campaigns, conferences, publications, social media platforms and networking.

Email Id –

WhatsApp – 08527029931

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