Overcome Your Fear of Speaking English

  • 21 Days online paid training with Certificate

Organizer: Ignite Academy, AISAT Campus, Near Cochin University, Kalamassery, Cochi, Kerala, India

Course Highlights

  • This workshop is for everyone who wants to level up their English.
  • Real conversation practice
  • Access to telegram channel of Ignite Academy
  • E-book on grammar and 500 phrases
  • Free NLP training
  • Free E-certificate
  • Ignite lifetime club membership

Who should attend this workshop

  1. Middle School & High School students who want to learn Spoken English and build a strong foundation in the English language. ✔✔
  2. IELTS & OET Aspirants – preparing for International English Exams & trying to settle abroad.✔✔
  3. Professionals: Looking for career Growth. ✔✔
  4. Social media Influencers- Looking to grow their follower’s ✔✔
  5. Job seekers: who want to crack an interview?
  6. The College Students who want to speak fluently and upgrade their skills & impress their crush. ✔✔
  7. Housewives who want to perform smarter in upcoming parent-teacher meetings in school and upgrade their status in society✔✔

Actual Fees : 2000/- but You Register Before February 9th its only 690/-

  • Online Class Starts : 11/02/2021
  • For Registration Contact: 7558932173

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In this limited Workshop, you will learn 8 things

  1. Many secrets to speak Fluent English.✔✔
  2. How can you develop your English without studying more vocabulary & Grammar? ✔✔
  3. The reason why you are not fluent in English? ✔✔
  4. Basic sentence Structures & their use. ✔✔
  5. How can listening help you to speak better? ✔✔
  6. Real conversation practice ✔✔
  7. Many more bonus lessons at the end. ✔✔
  8. How to use music to improve your English??✔✔
  • In this course module, We have Used NLP, Hypnosis, Mindpower, 10x, Mind Mapping, and other advanced technology and tools for easy and fast learning of English.
  • It’s limited to 50 students

Contact : 7558932173 ( whatsapp or call )

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