Refresher Course on Teacher and Teaching in Higher Education

By Prof.(Dr) Sanjeev A. Sonawane & Dr. Vaibhav Jadhav  |   Savitribai Phule Pune University Pune

  • This is an inter-disciplinary Refresher Course focusing on teacher and teaching in higher education. 
  • This course explores the theoretical background of teaching and practical knowledge for teachers in higher education.
  • This course designs various activities for teachers and they have opportunity to apply in their workplace.
  • During this course, teacher acquires various teaching skills, methods and models in higher education institutes. Therefore, the prospect of higher education is increasing continuously. 
  • This course helps learners to understand the objectives and development of higher education. It is trying to focus on various policies and commissions of higher education along with all concern bodies and councils. 
  • This course helps learner to realize  the role of teacher in making digital India. 
  • This course is initially design for the professional development of teachers working in the higher education institutions/ colleges/ university departments. 

Intended Audience:

faculty members of any subject or discipline in graduation and post graduation colleges/ institutions and/or University can join this course. As per the guidelines of MHRD and UGC, participation in this course will be considered as one refresher for the CAS.

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