Seminar on Ethnicity, Multiculturalism, and Democracy: Understanding From India’s North-East

Organizer: Department of Political Science, & IQAC, Dr. B. K. B. College, Puranigudam- INDIAN COUNCIL OF SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH (ICSSR) SPONSORED

About the Seminar

  • When: 16th & 17th August, 2024
  • Mode: Offline and Online
  • Registration fee needed
  • Call for Papers

The proceeding volume of selected seminar papers will be published in an ISBN volume by a reputed publisher.

Both online and offline platforms will be provided for presentation of research papers.

Sub themes:

  1. Ethnic identity and its role in shaping Indian democracy
  2. Cultural diversity and its impact on Indian society
  3. Challenges and opportunities of multiculturalism in India
  4. The historical evolution of ethnic relations in India
  5. Ethnic conflicts and their resolution in Indian democracy
  6. Religious diversity and its implications for Indian democracy
  7. Linguistic diversity and its impact on democratic processes in India
  8. Caste system and its influence on Indian multiculturalism
  9. Gender and ethnicity in Indian democracy
  10. Reservation policies and social justice in a multicultural society
  11. Political representation and ethnic diversity in Indian democracy
  12. Media representation and the portrayal of ethnic groups in India
  13. Education and multiculturalism: Fostering inclusivity in Indian schools
  14. Economic disparities and ethnic communities in India
  15. Regionalism and its role in Indian democracy
  16. Assimilation versus preservation of ethnic identities in a democratic India
  17. Legal frameworks and policies promoting multiculturalism in India
  18. Role of civil society organizations in promoting ethnic harmony in India
  19. Diaspora and transnationalism: Indian ethnic communities abroad
  20. The future of multiculturalism in India: Opportunities and challenges

Guidelines for Paper Contributors

  • Abstract should not exceed 400 words with minimum 4 to 5 keywords.
  • Full paper should be within 4000 words.
  • Paper can be in both English and Assamese Language.
  • Both abstract and full papers should be in MS word using 12 point size of Times New Roman front with 1.5 spacing. For Assamese, paper and abstract should be typed in Page maker, Geetanjali (Ramdhenu) Font, size 14 with double space.
  • While writing Abstract and paper the following order is requested to be followed. Title of paper, Name of the author/ co-author, Designation, Institution, E-mail id and contact number.

Participants have to send their abstract & full paper in the email:

Hard copy of the research papers has to be submitted at the time of offline presentation.

Important Dates

  • Last date of Abstract Submission: 20th July, 2024
  • Last date of Full Paper Submission: 10th August, 2024
  • Last date of Payment of Registration fee: 10th August, 2024

Registration Details

  • Teachers with paper: 800/-
  • Research Scholars with paper: 600/-
  • Students with paper: 400/-
  • Participants without paper: 300/-

Mode of Payment:
Bank Name: Punjab National Bank Branch Name: Puranigudam
Account Name: Contingency Fund
Account No: 0640010109529 IFSC Code: PUNB0064020

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Address for communication:
Dr. Pranami Laskar (8638177896)
Ankur Protim Mahanta (6000793694)
Ankur Bania (6901034601)

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