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About the FDP

  • When: 22nd to 28th November 2021
  • Time: 3PM to 4PM IST
  • No registration fees
  • Provide E Certificate
  • Platform: Microsoft Teams
  • Last date for registration is 21-11-2021

The FDP aims to create a forum for academicians to discuss, exchange knowledge about post-pandemic issues in education and significance of preparing post-pandemic graduates that paves way to achieve the objectives set.

FDP Theme: A common reason for seeking higher education is the positive impact it can have on graduates for job prospects. By attending University, students can attain the skills required to navigate a particular vocation as well as the soft skills needed to succeed in the workplace.The Higher educational institutions monitor evolving trends within industries ,to have a better understanding of what current and future employers are looking for in graduates. Students
need to adapt to remote working and learning aspects of an organisation.

As the global economy and education system has been impacted due to covid-19, the future industry leaders need to understand the new developments and adapt to the changes. It can happen with the help of educational institutions bridging the gap between the industrial demands and educational programmes. The students ought to equip themselves to the post pandemic scenario with the latest technology. They are the next generation entrepreneurs who
strive to achieve the optimum results in the best interests of the employees in the organisation; thereby building industrial relations to face the global challenges. Our main motto is to mould the graduates for practicality in industrial work. This culminates into solution based projects that endeavours into the ultimate result speculated; to be goal oriented.

About the Topics

  • Adapting to the remote working and learning culture
  • Importance of Skill in the corporate world
  • Preparing students in the post pandemic scenario
  • The next generation of Entrepreneurs
  • Building industrial connections to face the new challenges
  • Preparing graduates for in-demand industries
  • Development of solution based projects in the present scenario

Who can attend

  • Educators from Higher Educational Institutions
  • HR Professionals, Public Speakers, Mentors and Experts


  • E-Certificate will be issued on meeting the following criteria:
  • Participants attendance is compulsory for all the sessions
  • Participants should fill and submit the session-wise feedback form

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Chief Patron: Principal : Dr. Sudheer Pai K L
Patron: Prof. Shilpa Sarnad Vice Principal

Convener: Prof. Nagaraj N, IQAC Co ordinator
Dr. Mohan S H,Department of BCA, Co ordinator

FDP Committe

Prof. Gayathri B, Department of BBA

Prof. Shree Murthy, Department of Library
Mr. Rangadhamaiah, Department of Commerce


Dr. Mohan S H : 9964623204
Mrs Manjula : 9980810280

FDP Committe
Mr. Rangadhamaiah
Office : 080-28611110

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