Two Day International Conference on REPRESENTATION AND EXPRESSION OF Women in Art

Organizer: WDC | Maniben Nanavati, Women’s College- UNIVERSITY OF MUMBAI and Deviprasad Goenka management college of media studies

About the Conference ( REWA)

  • When: 8th and 9th March 2022
  • Free Registration
  • Platform: Zoom

E-Certificate shall be awarded to only those attendees who attend both the days of the conference and submit duly filled feedback forms of all the sessions conducted.

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Elizabeth Gilbert has rightly said. “I was not rescued by a prince; I was the administrator of my own rescue” A thought that is predominantly seen in the characters

throughout Literature These characters and the women have always sketched characters par excellence. The progression of a Woman’s Influence on the World of Drama, Comedy, Films and Movies dates from the early Centuries of Television Productions and Cinema and even before that from Literature. Even though history has spoken about women and their power, today we are on the verge that we shy away from women centric characters in all forms of art and literature.Like water, she effectively flows, expresses and adapts her role in various formats and has been always true and real to every form. Beautiful as she is, she has been loved, hated, rejoiced, pampered, criticised, adorned, but in every role she has been praise-worthy.

To acknowledge and honour her substance and rightful position in popular forms of expression like literature, performing arts and cinema, the Women Development Cell of University of Mumbai in Collaboration with the Women Development Cell of Maniben Nnanavati Women’s College and the Women Development Cell of Deviprasad Goenka Management College of Media Studies is jointly organizing an International Conference on REWA: Representation and

Expression of Women in Art. According to Hindu mythology. Reva or Narmada is the Goddess of Salvation and pleasure. With reference to the International Conference, the symbolic representation is about taking the Contribution and Strength of Women from every Art form.

The multi- representations of Women in Art have highlighted their spirit, beauty and strength. The works of Art by Piet Mondrian has described a woman as a positive symbol of innocence and possibility-desexualized and dematerialized. The Russian artist Kazimir Malevich used the motifs of women and embryos to express the notion that woman could be the incarnation of a higher, purer, more spontaneous realm. In lieu with Women’s Day, celebrated on 8th March every year, the Conference aims to salute the presence and participation of women and her expressions in art forms and the unparalleled power, flexibility, talents and skills and broad expanse of the female gender.

The Conference would be looking at aligning women closely with nature and reinforce the idea that if required, women can transcend to achievements beyond limits. It is true and universal that as in life, the ultimate expression in art and literature has been expressed by women characters symbolising Life itself.


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