Two Week National Online Faculty Development Programme on ADVANCED RESEARCH METHODOLOGY & PUBLISHING


Organizer: Guru Angad Dev Teaching-Learning Centre of Ministry of Education (PMMMNMTT), SGTB Khalsa College, University of Delhi, and Assumption College (Autonomous), Changanacherry, Kerala

About the FDP

  • When: 01 – 30 November 2022 (in online flexible mode) for research scholars and faculty members in India
  • Registration Fee Needed
  • Certificate Provided
  • Research Scholars receive Certificate of Participation
  • A mandatory fee payment of ₹1750/- for faculty members and ₹1250/- for research scholars (non-refundable) is applicable and should be remitted using the payment gateway after filling the registration form
  • Registration closes on 31st October 2022.

The workshop is equivalent to two week offline FDP (conducted in online flexible mode; Fulfills requirement as per CAS of UGC and AICTE for promotional requirements of faculty members)

This FDP is organised for the faculty members and research scholars to enhance the quality of research in Social Sciences, Humanities, Commerce and Management and interdisciplinary subject areas. The programme concentrates on the methodology of research, along with SPSS and guidelines for the publication of research. It aims to cover topics from identification of the research problem, review of literature, quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methodologies to ethical practices in writing and publication.


  • Equivalent to Two-week Offline FDP conducted in Online Flexible mode
  • Approved for CAS promotion under UGC & AICTE
  • Course is valid for Social Science, Humanities, Commerce & Management stream
  • Institutional Benefits: NAAC and NIRF


  • Certificate of Completion: For e-Certificate of successful completion with unique codes and grades, the candidate must secure 50% or above in assignments/ project and online quizzes as per the norms.
  • Certificate of Participation: Those who do not qualify the minimum requirement will be eligible for e-Certificates of Participation with unique codes and grades (It will be mentioned that this is not meeting the fulfillment as per CAS requirement of UGC/AICTE for promotion).
  • Do enter your details with utmost care.

Who can join?

  • Faculty members and research scholars (research aspirants also) in Social Sciences, Humanities, Commerce and Management and interdisciplinary subject areas


Go to the applicable payment link below.

Register Here

After making the payment, check email for receipt

After completing the payment, procedure for further collection of personal and institutional details, photo etc. in Google Form will be sent to Email or WhatsApp.

Kindly keep a recent passport size photograph (soft copy or scanned) for uploading. The face should cover about 60-70 percent of the photo area. 

Registration & Fee Payment Helpline: +91 89218 74060

Programme Schedule

SessionDate TimeHoursTopicResource Person
Day 101 Nov 20227-9 PM2Understanding the Research Process and Identifying the Research Problem Dr. S. Kevin
Day 202 Nov 20227-9 PM 2Review of Literature Dr. Johnson Jament
Day 303 Nov 2022 7-9 PM 2Review of Literature Dr. Johnson Jament
Day 404 Nov 20227-9 PM2Theoretical Framework, Setting Objectives and Hypotheses formulation Dr. S. Kevin
Day 5 05 Nov 20227-9 PM2Research Design (including Sampling Design) Dr. S. Kevin
Day 606 Nov 20227-9 PM2Types of data and Methods of Data collection, Designing a questionnaire Dr. S. Kevin
Day 707 Nov 20227-9 PM2Structuring Questionnaire with Measurement scale: Quantitative Dr. S. Kevin
Day 808 Nov 20227-9 PM2Structuring Questionnaire: Qualitative Dr. Johnson Jament
Day 909 Nov 20227-9 PM2Hypothesis Tests: Parametric & Non-parametric Dr. S. Kevin
Day 1010 Nov 20227-9 PM2Hypothesis Testing: Hands-on Training Dr. S. Kevin
Day 1111 Nov 20227-9 PM2Factor Analysis Dr. S. Kevin
Day 1212 Nov 20227-9 PM2Data Analysis Tools and Role of Software in Statistical Analysis Dr. P. N. Harikumar
Day 1313 Nov 20227-9 PM2Descriptive Statistics: Theory 1 Dr. P. N. Harikumar
Day 1414 Nov 20227-9 PM2Descriptive Statistics: Theory 2 Dr. P. N. Harikumar
Day 1515 Nov 20226-7 PM 1Errors in Statistical Analysis Dr. Samir Kumar Praharaj
Day 1515 Nov 20227-9 PM2 Descriptive Statistics: Hands-on Training Dr. P. N. Harikumar
Day 1616 Nov 20227-9 PM 2Descriptive statistics, Correlation and Regression Dr. P. N. Harikumar
Day 1717 Nov 20226-7 PM1 Convert Thesis into Paper Dr. Samir Kumar Praharaj
Day 17 17 Nov 20227-9 PM 2 Correlation and Regression: Hands-on Training Dr. P. N. Harikumar
Day 1818 Nov 20227-9 PM 2 Introduction to SPSS Dr. P. N. Harikumar
Day 1919 Nov 20227-9 PM 2Functions in SPSS Dr. P. N. Harikumar
Day 2020 Nov 20227-9 PM 2 Data Export and Cleaning and Analysis using SPSS Dr. P. N. Harikumar
Day 2121 Nov 20227-9 PM 2Understanding Qualitative Research and Mixed Research Dr. Johnson Jament
Day 2222 Nov 20224.30-6.30 PM 2Article Publishing and Peer Review Process Dr. K. P. Vijayakumar
Day 2222 Nov 20227-9 PM2 Identifying Research problem in Social Science and Setting Research Questions Dr. Johnson Jament
Day 2323 Nov 20224.30-6.30 PM 2 Role of Metrics in Research Mr. Vijay Reddy
Day 2323 Nov 20227-9 PM 2 Research Ethics Dr. Johnson Jament
Day 2424 Nov 20224.30-6.30 PM 2Best Practices for Research Writing Ms. Lekshmi Dinachandran
Day 2424 Nov 20227-9 PM2 Flexible Research Design (including qualitative sampling parameters) Dr. Johnson Jament
Day 2525 Nov 20224.30-6.30 PM2 Mendeley & MS Word: Document Preparation Techniques Dr. Gopakumar V.
Day 2525 Nov 20227-9 PM 2 Qualitative Data Collection Process: Designing Interview schedule (Hands-on Training) Dr. Johnson Jament
Day 2626 Nov 20224.30-6.30 PM2How to Collect Authentic Secondary Data? Mr. Sriram V.
Day 2626 Nov 20227-9 PM 2Qualitative Data Collection Process: Designing an Observation Method (Hands-on Training) Dr. Johnson Jament
Day 2727 Nov 20224.30-6.30 PM 2Academic Writing and Plagiarism Dr. Suresh Kumar P. K.
Day 2727 Nov 20227-9 PM2Generating Theory, A: Ethnographic Approach Dr. Johnson Jament
Day 2828 Nov 20224.30-6.30 PM 2 Predatory Publishing/ Journal Metrics Mr. Sanjo Jose
Day 2828 Nov 20227-9 PM2 Generating Theory, B: Grounded Theory Approach Dr. Johnson Jament
Day 2929 Nov 20224.30-6.30 PM2 Scientific /Publication Misconducts Mr. Jasimudeen S.
Day 2929 Nov 20227-9 PM2Case Study Methodology Dr. Johnson Jament
Day 3030 Nov 20224.30-6.30 PM 2 Reference Management Dr. Vimal Kumar V.
Day 3030 Nov 20227-9 PM 2Qualitative Data Analysis: Thematic Analysis (Hands-on Training) Dr. Johnson Jament


Organizing Committee

Dr. Anitha Jose (Principal)

Fr. Dr. Thomas Joseph (Vice-Principal)
Ms. Anne Mary Joseph (Vice-Principal)

Dr. Whyni Gopi (IQAC Coordinator)

Fr. Tinju Tom (Coordinator)

Dr. Poulami Aich Mukherjee (Coordinator)

National Coordinator: Prof. Vimal Rarh, Project Head & Joint Director, GAD-TLC of MoE, Coordinator, National Resource Centre of Chemistry of MoE

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