Various Online Competitions on the Occasion of National Education Day

Theme: ” Discover the endless possibilities of recycling,and see how your actions can save our planet

Organizer: Andhra University in collaboration with Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Trust Vishakapatnam -On the Occasion of National Education Day-2021 Celebrations

About the Competition

  • Registration fee: free
  • Last Date for Submission: 05/11/2021
  • All the events are OPEN FOR All
  • Toppers will get Attractive Prizes
  • All the eligible participants will get an attractive certificate
  • Online Prize Distribution Ceremony will be held on National Education Day i.e., 11/11/2021
  • Essay Writing Contest
  • Elocution
  • Quiz Competition
  • C, Python Quizard
  • Best Out of Waste contest
  • Tree plantation Challenge

Essay Writing Contest

Theme: Maulana Abul Kalam Azad: A man of Luminous Intelligence

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Guidelines for essay writing competition

  • The content should be original not to be taken from the internet or any other sources.
  • Participants should write the essay and attach the document in PDF format only.
  • Essay should be Hand written on A4 size white paper with black ball point pen only.
  • Only ‘hand written’ scanned single PDF file will be accepted
  • The essay should not be more than two pages..
  • The essay can be written in any of these mentioned languages- English, Hindi, Telugu, Urdu, Marathi and Tamil.
  • Top three winners will be selected from each language.
  • e-certificate will be sent to all the participants through e-mail.
  • The candidate must write only his/her Name and other details on top of the first page of the file.
  • The PDF file must be named on the Name of the participant.
  • The candidate is advised to keep the original copy of their essay safe till the declaration of the result.


Theme: School Level: Joint family- A boon in pandemic crisis

College Level:With every good comes a bad, for every upside there’s a downside- What according to you are the pros and cons of Digital Education

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Guidelines of elocution competition

  • The content should be original not to be taken from the internet or any other sources.
  • The competition will be conducted in two rounds
  1. Round 1 the participant should record a video of a minimum of 2 mins and a maximum of 3 mins of their elocution. The size of the video should not be more than 50 MB.participants will be judged on basis of content, usage of words, and intonations. The top 20 participants will be selected for round 2.
  2. Round 2: Round two is a virtual round and will be conducted on zoom or google meets. The information regarding the meeting will be sent to the selected participants via mail.


Theme: India before and after Independence,General Awareness and Current Affairs.

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  • Three rounds of quiz competition to be conducted
  • Round 1 to have 40 questions each of 2 marks with no negative marking and participant who secure 90 % and above will be selected for round 2
  • Round 2 to have 25 questions each of 4 marks with 2 marks as negative marking for each wrong answer. Participants scoring 95 % and above will be selected for round 3
  • Round 3 will be a virtual round for the selected participants and further instructions will be provided to the participant via mail.
  • The winners will be finalized in round 3.
  • Note : All the participants who score 50 % and above will be given participation certificates

C, Python Quizard

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  • Two rounds of C & Python quiz will be conducted be conducted
  • Round 1 will have 30 Programming Questions in ‘C’ & ‘Python’, each question carries 4 marks with no negative marking and participant who secure 90 % (or) best 20 members will be selected for round 2
  • Round 2 will be a virtual round with the virtual Platform (Kahoot!) which will have 15 questions. The question and option will be displayed on the screen in the virtual meeting. All the instructions will be provided to the participant via mail.
  • The winners will be finalized in round 2.
  • Kahoot! Will decide the winner on time basis performance- the details will be shared accordingly.
  • Note : All the participants who score 50 % and above will be given participation certificates.


Theme: “Paint the beauty of the nature,with the art of your hand”

  • Registration fee: free
  • Email id:
  • Last Date for Submission through email: 05/11/2021

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Rules & Regulations:

  • No Registration fee! It’s FREE!!
  • Entries must follow the competition theme.
  • A participant can send only one entry for a category.
  • Competition is open to all Student categories
  • Photography & Digital Arts not allowed, just only painting mediums allowed
  • The painting should be made on an art related paper or canvas
  • Painting paper or canvas A3 size only .
  • Competition is National
  • Files must be in JPG format.
  • Images may only be entered
  • you can use any painting medium and also experimental and mixed techniques are welcome.
  • Start the Painting on a blank page and take the time lapse video
  • A participant should start with blank paper and finish the painting and should not use any marked images.
  • Write First Name and Last Name on bottom right hand side of the paper (Name should be readable )
  • Painting should be received by 5th November 2021. If it is not received by that time, your entry will be disqualified
  • If you have questions regarding the competition theme or rules, please contact us at


  • Theme: ” A Tribute to the Unsung heros of the pandemic”
  • Registration fee: free
  • Email id:
  • Last Date for Submission: 05/11/2021

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  • Poster size: A3
  • The theme should be the main focus of the poster.
  • All participants should design their Poster and upload the same in the given link . The competition is on November 1st and the Shortlisted candidates will be announced on 2nd November & the Shortlisted students have to explain their poster within 5 minutes to judges through an online virtual meeting platform on November 3rd
  • Ideas expressed should be original.
  • Posters found copied from somewhere will be rejected
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of the Organizing Committee Chaired by the Director of the institute will be the final.
  • Prizes will be sent through courier or winners may collect it in person from the institute if feasible.
  • All the participants will get the e-certificates in their email.
  • Acceptable tools for drawing/painting include pencil, crayon, watercolor, oil paint, etc. Photographs, wires, other 3D objects, print-outs won’t be acceptable. It should be original and handmade.
  • The name and age of the participant, school/college name must be clearly mentioned on the right-hand side bottom of the sheet.
  • File Format: Save your file as a PDF for quick and easy upload.
  • No posters should include an image or name of government officials or popular personalities.
  • The decision of the jury will be considered final.

Best Out of Waste contest

Theme: ” Discover the endless possibilities of recycling, and see how your actions can save our planet. “

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Brief details of competition:

This competition requires use of creative skills by the participants highlighting the role of basic designing used depending upon your talent. With the growing increase in wastes in our society from households to industrial wastes, we now require very innovative approach to get rid of them. Recycling and reusing the valuable waste material can result in development of fantastic and usable products. Rather putting this wastes materials into the landfills, various Innovative and creative ideas can be put together to create something new and useful. Every day wastes such as plastic,glasses, newspapers,or electronic are not only waste of limited resources but also are harmful to the environment.

Eligibility- school and college level

  • Rules and regulations- 1.Team should consist of two members only.
  • Participants can either submit a time-lapse video not more than one minute or a presentation comprising slides of 10 pictures (JPEG format)
  • where the different steps that can be used to efficiently convert the waste to be used in everyday lives should be mentioned.
  • The language of entry should be English.
  • The competition will only comprise one round upon which the final evaluation will be done.
  • Participants should be clearly visible.
  • Waste material could be anything like tetra packs,bottles, newspapers,old utensils,jute material,or any second hand items that otherwise would be thrown away.
  • The material would be rejected if not found to be a waste product or second hand item.
  • No ready or semi-finished model or matter would be accepted from participant in competition.
  • Participants will be judged on creativity, utilization of resources,artistic composition, design , eco friendly rating, utility of product and overall presentation.
  • No mobile or internet means would be allowed to use of the competition.
  • The decision of judges will be considered final and abiding.

Tree plantation Challenge

  • A small step to save the earth is in your hands
  • Getting a group of people together can make it fun and easy to plant your own forest.

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