Webinar on Aligning Perspectives in Animal Protection and Practice

About the Webinar

  • When: September 1st- September 5th, 2022 (Thursday – Monday)
  • Free Registration
  • All participants attending the webinar will receive a certificate

In this series, we invite to join our speakers in elucidating and deconstructing various philosophical and theoretical concepts in the Animal Protection Movement. Our speakers are considered stalwarts in the field, with many years of experience in studying as well as practicing animal protection through their extraordinary initiatives, pedagogy and authorship and well as expertise in the field.

In the first series, our speakers and participants explored various aspects of Animal Protection and thematically highlighted the nature of interrelatedness between animal protection, legal policy, the link between human violence and animal cruelty, campuses, students and animals as well as the role of sustainable food system.

Through this webinar week, we aim to delve deeper into aspects of Animal Protection through the study of inter sectional aspects, to bridge the theoretical and practical frameworks. This series also features speakers who ran major operations and initiatives, in order to secure big wins in the animal protection space, and take us more steps closer in being a more compassionate planet for all species.

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