Webinar on “Consumerism and Financial Literacy in Covid 19 Times”

Organizer: Sinhgad Institute of Pharmaceutical Science,Lonavala,Pune -in association with Consumer Guidance Society of India

Date and Time: 02nd December 2020, 11.00 AM onwards

  • Platform : Google Meet

Key Speakers Topic

Session I- Mr. T. R. Pandey ( Project Manager – CGSI) – Consumerism

Session II- Mr. Nandkumar Menon ( Financial Advisor) – Financial Literacy

Registration Link: Click Here

Dr.M. P. Mahajan
SIPS, Lonavala

M. K. Raut (9890049542)
S. D. Mendake (9518339648)
A. S. Pagariya (9689397969)


  • No Registration Fee
  • e-Certificate will be issued after full participation and filling in Feedback Form
  • Financial Awareness e-book published by RBI will be distributed to all participants.
  • Please input a correct name, email address to get the correct name printed on E-certificate.

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