Webinar on “Speaking Up Without Freaking Out”

  • Series: The World Has Changed

Matt Abrahams (Lecturer, Coach, Author & Podcaster) in conversation with Jonathan Rives (Poet and Storyteller) –

Friday, 18th Dec at 6:30 PM IST

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Panicked. Embarrassed. Nervous.
This is how most people feel when speaking in front of others in person or on video.Speaking Anxiety exacts a huge toll on self-confidence and self-esteem and causes some people to leave school or a job or even pass up a promotion. Many, including seasoned professional performers, suffer in silent terror.

Join Matt Abrahams as he shares ways to manage speaking anxiety for the benefit of us all from the stories people have to share, the input they have to give, and the ideas they have to spread. In this session, you will learn specific, scientifically validated techniques and tools you can use to manage your speaking anxiety and feel more comfortable communicating with others.

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