Webinar On Sustainable Development: Unravelling the Realities of Environment and Health

Organizer: Post-Graduate Department of Geography, Fakir Mohan University, Nuapadhi, Balasore – 756 089
Odisha (India)

About the Webinar

  • When: Date: 09.09.2021 (Thursday) Time: 11.30 AM – 1.00 PM IST
  • Free Registration
  • Platform: Google Meet, YouTube

The concept of sustainability ensures a series of short-term and long-term paybacks to humanity. It accepts that resources are limited, thus, ought to be utilized unadventurously and cautiously to guarantee that there are sufficient resources for people in the future, without diminishing the present quality of life. It is undeniably true that since the beginning, individuals have acted as consumers rather than replenishers of ecological assets, and thus, numerous societies have fallen because of a failure to adjust to the conditions triggered by the unsustainable practices. Therefore, sustainability has been accepted by policymakers and academicians as a key driver to address issues aiming at improving the quality of life of humankind. Sustainability is said to be composed of three pillars ‘Environmental protection’, ‘Social development’, and ‘Economic development, informally referred to as Planet, People, and Profit. Against this backdrop, the Department has planned to organize a webinar on “Sustainable Development: Unravelling the Realities of Environment and Health”, in which the contemporary realities of important dimensions of sustainable development are discussed. While the first lecture throws light on environmental sustainability and development, the second lecture is on the practical problems of access to health care faced by women in rural areas, a key element of social development. To make the webinar successful, the organizing committee seeks active participation of audiences (scholars, researchers, students, and professionals) in the event

Invited Speakers

Prof. Sanat Kumar Guchhait, Professor
Department of Geography, The University of Burdwan, Bardhaman – 713104, WB, India
Topic: Sustainability of the Environment and Development: Concept and Reality

Dr. Shovan Ghosh
Associate Professor and Head, Department of Geography
Diamond Harbour W University, Sarisha – 743368, WB, India
Topic: Hurdles of Health Care Access to Women in Rural Areas

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Prof. Santosh Kumar Tripathy
Vice-Chancellor, FMU
Chief Patron

Prof. Munesh Chandra Adhikary
Chairman, P. G. Council, FMU

Organizing Committee:

Dr. Nihar Ranjan Rout,
Associate Professor & Head (Convenor)
Dr. Rabi Narayn Behera,
Assistant Professor (Organizing Secretary)
Dr. Sasmita Rout, Assistant Professor (Member)
Mrs. Sabita Soren, Assistant Professor (Member)

Contact Details:
+91-9437271296 (N. R. Rout)
+91-8249286820 (R. N. Behera)


Organizing committee
P.G. Department of Geography
Fakir Mohan University, Odisha

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