Workshop on Linear Algebra Multivariable Calculus and Complex Analysis

Organizer: National Centre for Mathematics, A joint centre of IIT Bombay and TIFR, Mumbai

About the Workshop

  • When: 5 Jun 2023 to 10 Jun 2023
  • Venue: Vellore Institute of Technology, vellore
  • Last date for submission of forms is 30th Apr, 2023
  • The list of selected applicants will be put up in website after one week of last date of submission.
  • The selection of participants is done by the Organizing Committee
  • The broad guidelines given by NCM are that the candidates be selected on the basis of their academic credentials and the Committee’s comparative assessment as to the extent to which the candidate would benefit from the programme
  • NCM does not interfere in the selection process.”The Organizing Committee’s decision in the matter is final.”

Speakers and Syllabus

Name of the Speaker with affiliation, who will cover each module of 6 lectures.No. of LecturesDetailed Syllabus
Prof. R. Venkatesh Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics IISC,Bangalore6Linear Algebra: Vector spaces, Bases; Linear transformations; Eigen values and eigen vectors; Diagonalisation and Triangularisation of linear operators; Determinants of linear transformations and their elementary properties.
Prof. Thirupathi Gudi Professor, Department of Mathematics IISC Bangalore6MultivariablecalculusPart1:ReviewofEuclidean Spaces, Derivatives, Partial Derivatives and the Chain Rule, Taylor’s formula, Maxima andMinima
Prof. Vamsi Pritham Pingali Professor, Department of Mathematics IISC Bangalore6Multivariable calculus Part 2: Evaluation of multiple integrals, change of order of integration, Gradient, divergence, curl, etc. Greens’ theorem and Stoke’s theorem, evaluationof Integrals using them, Inverse function theorem
Prof. S. Thangavelu Professor, Department of Mathematics IISC Bangalore6Complex Analysis: Analytic functions, Harmonic functions, Power Series, Taylor’s series, Complex Integrations, Rouché’s theorem and applicationsof the Residue Theorem, with an emphasis on computing/estimating improper Riemann integrals via contour integration.


  • Linear algebra:

Gilbert Strang, Linear Algebra and Its Applications Sheldon Axler, Linear algebra done right
David C Lay, Linear Algebra and its applications Otto Bretscher, Linear Algebra with Applications

  •  Multivariable calculus:

Apostol, T. M., Mathematical Analysis Spivak, M., Calculus on Manifolds
Sudhir R Ghorpade, Balmohan V Limaye, A course in Multivariable, Calculus and Analysis Joel R Hass, Christopher E Heil, Maurice D Weir, Thomas’ Calculus
James Stewart, Multivariable Calculus
Peter D Lax and Maria Shea Terrell, Multivariable Calculus with Applications

  •  Complex analysis:
    S. Ponnusamy, Foundations of Complex Analysis
    S. Ponnusamy and H. Silverman, Complex Variables with Applications
    L. V. Ahlfors, Complex Analysis
    James Ward Brown and Ruel V. Churchill, Complex Variables and Applications Erwin Kreyszig, Advanced Engineering Mathematics

 Names of the tutor(s) / course associate with their affiliation and status:
    1. Dr. Abhishek Das, Assistant Professor, VIT Vellore
    2. Dr. Ankush Chanda, Assistant Professor, VIT Vellore
    3. Dr. Gouranga Mallick, Assistant Professor, VIT Vellore

How to Register

Visit Here to Register

The applicant should send attested hard copy of the application to

  • Dr. Sunanda Saha
    Department of Mathematics VIT Vellore, Vellore
    Tamil Nadu, 632014

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