Workshop Series on Accessible Theatre Arts and its Application to Eco-Theatres

Organizer: St Thomas College Thrissur, Keralaproject is funded by US Exchange Alumni and Global Ties US through CItizen’s Diplomacy Action Fund.

  • When: July 22-26, 9 am-5PM
  • Venue: Medlycott Hall, St Thomas College Thrissur, Kerala
  • Workshop Mode: Offline
  • The selected participants must commit to the entire schedule.

Workshop Facilitator : Dr. Kanta Ann Kochhar and Guests

Workshop Description

This interdisciplinary workshop explores a series of creative and collaborative exercises on building and performing our stories about mountains through Accessible Theatre Techniques. It also considers connections between geology, weather, climate change, and the urgent need to find new stories about our mountains. Stories will be drawn from works by both Malayalam and American writers. The workshop enhances creativity, movement, acting, storytelling, and performance skills. We will focus on co-creating a theatre work on mountains and climate change with mixed ability workshop participants.

A mixed ability workshop focused on enhancing performance skills in creativity, collaboration, accessible music, and accessible And, On creating production skills needed for accessible staging techniques for
a mixed ability performance team, for the staging of mainstream performances, and digital literacy for online events, webinars, and performances that target New Audiences, particularly members of the disability community.

Our overall focus is on the development and staging of a 20-minute participatory “script” and work-in progress on mountains and climate change to be performed as a mixed ability theatre piece with deaf & hearing performers and blind & sighted performers and experienced by a mixed ability audience.
Public presentation of work-in-progress with a lecture and Q & A. (July 27, 7:30 PM St Thomas College.

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General Information

  • Please complete all relevant boxes and return
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis
  • No applications will be accepted after 5PM on July 13 – 2024
  • Please note that we will conducting interviews of the shortlisted candidates between July 14
  • The Selected participants will be notified on July 15 and 16
  • All the participants need to sign in the permission form granting us permission to document them in the workshop series and the performance
  • We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion 
  • All participants will need to agree to follow project guidelines regarding communication and respect. 


Project Curators: Tejus – +91 7356902784 or Saranya – +91 9496713804

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