Application Invited for CHANAKYA Post-Doctoral Fellow Position in IIT Patna

IIT Paton Vishlesan I-Hub is seeking Post-Doc fellows to join Technology Innovations Hub (TIH), IIT Patna. We are committed to advancing the field of speech, video, and text analytics by making fundamental advances in scientific methods and technologies to create an impact over potential and exponential growth of interdisciplinary cyber physical systems (ICPSs). The Vishlesan I-Hub Foundation is a non-for-profit initiative of Government of India through Department of Science & Technology (DST) and IIT Patna.

What We Offer:

Vishlesan I-Hub offers a variety of funds, services, resources, and facilities to transform your meritorious ideas, innovations, and technologies into products from the support of IIT Patna and its institutional & industrial partners.

  • Opportunity to get a fellowship of Rs 80k /months for 36 months depending on the progress, quality, and duration of the project.
  • Successful fellows and mentors who developed and demonstrated significant progress would be encouraged to apply for further funding under different schemes of TIH.
  • Opportunity to get the incubation at Vishlesan I-Hub and its partner I-Hubs across India
  • Funding opportunity up to Rs 30 Lakhs for founding your startup.

Domain Verticals

  • Speech Analytics • Video Analytics • Text Analytics

Eligibility Criteria

  • The researcher must have completed a PhD program or defended their PhD thesis
  • M.Tech./M.E./M.S./M.Sc./B.S.-M.S. or any equivalent degree holder students
  • A minimum 7.5 CGPA or 75% equivalent must be obtained over all semesters in the Masters
    and PhD coursework
  • Must have at least two published papers in reputed peer-reviewed journals

Selection Process

Selection would be done based on interview with technical merit, originality, and feasibility of the
proposal. Preference will be given to proposals with faculty mentor.

Team Details:

Proposals are solicited from individual students with the endorsement of supervisor. Students
collaborating from different departments are encouraged.

Last Date to Apply

  • It is a rolling advertisement. Deadline for initial phase submission is 15 June 2023. However, candidates can submit applications any time.


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