Application Invited for Sewa Fellowship

Sewa Fellowship is a strategic investment in human capacity, and grassroots organizations to build solutions for India’s complex socio-economic-cultural matrix. We believe in the power and potential of youth to drive ideas, run movements, nurture organizations, and seek truth and justice to together build a better Bharat.

As a 100-week program, the fellowship equips young, bright minds with knowledge, skills and a mindset to serve. With extensive mentor support, the program bridges the needs of grassroots development with a vision for the future.


  • Positive Support: Direct Stipend of ₹20,000 per month, along with mentorship and immersive learning.
  • Grant Support: All fellows will get a grant amount of around ₹1.75 Lakhs at the successful completion of the fellowship.  
  • Interdisciplinary Curriculum: Comprehensive & holistic curriculum delivered by practitioners from across the world.
  • Expert mentorship: 50+ expert mentors to inspire, inform, guide, and awaken the best in the fellows.
  • Live Projects: Extensive reflective exercises to support learnings on self, society, development, and the world.


  • Indicative Age: 21-30 years
  • Must have some volunteer experience with the community,with a minimum 1 year of equivalent work experience
  • Language constraints based on project locations

Selection Process


  • Self-Application with Basic Details and Statement of Purpose: Written/ Video Essay
  • Purpose: Knowing One Another


  • Assignments and a Digital Interview
  • Purpose: Assess the following:
    1. Respect for Community Wisdom
    2. Curiosity and Humility
    3. Purpose of joining the program


  • 3-day physical camp, with activities and in-person interview
  • Purpose: Temperament Check based on
    1. Leadership Skill
    2. Solution Orientedness
    3. Collaborative Working
    4. Purpose Alignment
    5. Personal Conversation

How to Apply

Click Here to Apply

For Details: Visit Here

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