Apply Now: Lead – Suvidha Project, Prevention Team at ENFOLD


  • Position: Lead – Suvidha Project, Prevention Team
  • Reports to: Director, Suvidha Project
  • Location: Enfold office, Indira Nagar, Bangalore.
  • Full / part time: Full-time
  • Date of joining:  02 May 20204
  • Last date for application: 10th April 2024

Key Responsibilities

  1. Working closely with  Suvidha Team Members to understand the contents of the Suvidha Kit and the Suvidha Manual and the rationale for each activity.
  2. Support in the Suvidha manual revision and redesigning to add content related to Ai/VI 
  3. Liasioning and  maintaining connections with the organizations, universities, and individuals who have reached out to us, responding to new queries, being an active participant of the Disability network, and making new connections. 
  4. Support in Writing papers for presentations in conferences, presenting the same – this may require travel to other states and cities.
  5. Reaching out to institutions to offer training in personal safety and sexuality for teachers, caregivers, trainers of persons with disability, and use of the Suvidha Kit.
  6. Managing trainings which includes scheduling, coordination with participants, creating and sharing links, collection of pre test and post test data and feedbacks from trainees
  7. Explore on Obtaining Rehabilitation Council of India certification for our training programs in this sector
  8. Participate and contribute to Enfold’s projects that include the disability sector, 
  9. Taking the Suvidha Kit forward –
    1. Have it adapted for people with visual impairment/ auditory impairment.This would require receiving input from experts in the field, testing the same, having the material reviewed and vetted by an expert panel, liasioning with designers, and production team, choosing the right materials and packaging for the activities in the kit.
    2. Support in distribution and dissemination of the kit to training participants, parents and caregivers as and when required.
    3. Popularisation and dissemination of Suvidha kit in mainstream, preschools and inclusive schools 
    4. Translating the kit to languages other than English – Liasioning with translators, have the content vetted. 
  10. Brainstorm on ideas, seek inputs from experts – making a kit for adults with intellectual disability, expand the scope to make kits for learning life skills. 
  11. Documentation – Maintaining records of training programs, organizations/people who are interested in the project, stock of kits, quotations received from for printing etc. 
  12. Support Prevention Team’s content and facilitation related work as and when required

Skills and Personal Attributes

Essential :

  • Strong communication skills.
  • Strong skills in engaging positively with diverse groups of people demonstrating commitment to human rights.
  • Professionalism at the workplace.
  • Proficient in the use of computers and social media
  • Ability to work in a Team, willingness to contribute and learn from others
  • Proficient in speaking, reading and writing English and Kannada.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PPT), use of internet and email.

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