Call for Abstract: Two-Day National Seminar on Federalism; Cooperative or Coercive? Debating Recent Development

Organizer: Department of Economics and Political Science, MES College, Mampad (Autonomous) Malappuram, Kerala 676542

About the Seminar

  • When: 15-16 November 2022
  • Offline Mode
  • Call Abstracts
  • The paper may be presented either in English or Malayalam

Federalism refers to the constitutionally allocated distribution of powers between two or more levels of government in the modern nation-state system. Many scholars who have studied the Indian constitution in depth defined it as federal with a strong unitary bias to preserve the unity and integrity of the nation.

The idea of federalism has been present on the public platform as a serious matter of debate for quite some time. Although a set of academia and political leadership claims that the concept has strengthened over time, defying all odds, serious concerns over the “attack” on the federal
structure of the country also appear on the table. The weakening of federal principles, in terms of excessive and relentless encroachment of the union government, has led to a conflict of interest with the state government. All the recent major political developments in the state of Kerala in terms of political exchanges between the office of the governor and the state government concerning various policy matters question the relationship between the center and the state. In this context, this seminar discusses the cooperation, questions, and challenges of Indian federalism.

The topics may include, but are not limited to, the following themes:

  • Changing Nature of Indian Federalism: Recent Trends
  • Federalism and the Welfare State
  • Federalism and Regional Autonomy
  • Cooperative Federalism and New Education Policy
  • The Role of the Governor in Indian Federalism: Questions and Challenges
  • Fiscal Federalism

An abstract (250 to 300 words) of the proposed presentation may be sent to the coordinator of the seminar latest by 25th October 2022 in the following email,

  • The paper may be presented either in English or Malayalam.
  • The selected papers for presentation will be notified by 30th October 2022
  • The selected candidates must submit the full paper on or before 12th November 2022

Both abstract and full papers should be in Microsoft word format containing the font Times New Roman with a size of 12. The abstract must be in the following format, title of the paper, content, three to five keywords, name and designation with the affiliating institution. The programme schedule of the seminar will be mailed after submitting the full papers. If you need

Contact +91 9491383799/ 9747888601.

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