Call for Book Chapters: Lights On: Staging Post-Millennial Cultural Aspects in American Women Drama

(with reference Pulitzer Prize winning plays) * working title

  • deadline for submissions: October 30, 2023
  • full name / name of organization: Dr. SUBHASSHRI. R
  • contact email:

The proposed book looks for chapters exploring the contemporary Pulitzer Prize winning American women-authored plays and their engagement with post-millennial cultural dynamics. This volume / book wants to showcase women playwrights’ responses to and shaping the cultural landscape of American society of the 21st century. By examining themes, characters, narratives, and dramatic techniques, the chapters want to address a nuanced understanding of how American women drama reflects and challenges the complexities of changing times of the society.

Chapters proposals invited on the following plays and themes:

  •  Suzan -Lori Parks – Topdog/Underdog
  •  Lynn Nottage – Ruined
  •  Quiara Alegria Hudes – Water by the Spoonful
  •  Annie Baker – The Flick
  •  Lynn Nottage – Sweat
  •  Martyna Mojok – Cost of Living
  •  Jackie Sibblies Drury – Fairview
  •  Katori Hall – Hot Wing King
  •  Sanaz Tossi – English 

Intersectional Identities: The intersection of cultural identities, examining how race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and other factors are portrayed and intertwined in contemporary women-authored plays.

Technology and Connectivity: The advent of digital technology and how women playwrights showcase through their plays the impacts of social media, online relationships, and the virtual world on interpersonal dynamics and communication. 

Environmental Concerns: The impact of climate changes and environmental issues addressed in women-authored plays.

Political Activism: Plays showcasing socio-political themes and using theater as a platform to critique power structures, advocate for change, and highlight pressing societal issues.

Mental Health and Wellness: The portrayal of mental health struggles, addressing themes of resilience, healing, and the importance of destigmatization in the context of post-millennial culture.

Reimagining Relationships: Plays examining the evolving notions of family, friendship, romantic relationships, and community, reflecting the changing societal expectations and the blurring of traditional boundaries.

Global Perspectives: Plays investigating how American women playwrights incorporate global perspectives, considering cross-cultural connections, immigration experiences, and the interconnectedness of our modern world.

Interested authors can submit their Abstracts (300 words), and a short biography (100 words) to the book editor, Dr. Subhasshri.R, at, by October 30, 2023

Accepted abstracts will be notified via email and will be requested to submit their full chapters. 

The proposed anthology to be be published by a reputed publisher. 

 BIONOTE of the Editor:

Dr. Subhasshri. R is currently working as Assistant Professor at the Dept of English, Bharathidasan Govt Collge for Women (Autonomous), Puducherry. Her doctoral thesis was “Through the Gynocritical Lens: Feminist Consciousness in American Women’s Pulitzer Prize Plays” and awarded in 2014. 

She has published a monograph titled Sisterhood Ties and Female Bonding in American Feminist Drama in 2016 and published nearly 15 articles in reputed journals and 20 book chapters. Her 3 edited books and 2 monographs are to be published. 

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