Call for Chapters: Technology-Driven E-Learning Pedagogy Through Emotional Intelligence

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Scope of the Book:

The book aims to provide updated research perspectives focusing on the relationship between e-learning pedagogy.

technology and emotional intelligence. There is a need to disseminate awareness and information about role of emotional intelligence and technology from various dimensions to help students and teachers maintain the quality of e-learning and emotional well-being. The aim is to bring together readers such as researchers, professors, developers, practitioners, and educators interested in advancing state of the art in technology driven e-learning pedagogy through emotional intelligence.

List of Topics (not limited to)

  • Theoretical and empirical perspective of emotional intelligence and e-learning.
  • Role of technology in emotional intelligence driven e-learning.
  • Impact of blended and online learning on learner’s ability to share emotions Impact of learning and sharing emotions on teachers’ ability to teach through technology.
  • Impact of emotional intelligence-led e-learning on student diversity.
  • Literature Reviews in advanced technology-based teaching and pedagogical learning tools.
  • Role of educational robotic activities in diverting students’ emotional well-being.
  • Approaches to e-learning pedagogy.
  • Relevance of educators in quality based e-learning through emotional intelligence and technology.
  • Social Awareness and technology-based e-learning.

Important Dates

  • Full Chapter Submission: December 25, 2022
  • Final Acceptance Notification: January 15, 2022
  • Final Chapter Submission: January 30, 2023


Dr. Pooja Sharma, Apeejay School of Management, Delhi

Dr. Rohit Bansal, Vash College of Engineering, Rohtak

Dr. Ram Singh, Quantum University, Roorkee

Contact: All the queries related to submission should be mailed at

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