Call for Papers: Contemporary Voice of Dalit

  • ISSN: 2455-328X
  • 2 issues per year

Submission Guidelines

Contemporary Voice of Dalit is an exclusive, multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed journal on dalit studies published bi-annually. It is inviting papers for its forthcoming issues from faculty, scholars and activists working in the field of dalit studies. It provides a sound platform to all researchers from different disciplines to take their research ideas and findings to top institutions, educators and activists across the world. The aim of the journal is to promote a better understanding of society through deeper insights into questions of human rights and social justice, encouraging constructive engagement of scholars with questions of nation building and development, with special reference to the dalit population

Some of the thrust areas for publication in Contemporary Voice of Dalit  are given below.

These are only Indicative and Not Exhaustive

  • Indian social system with special reference to caste stratification
  • Issues and Problems Concerning dalits
  • Different facets of social exclusion
  • Dalit movements in India
  • National and international trends in dalit assertions
  • Indian Constitution and distributive justice
  • Contributions of anti-caste thinkers and activists
  • Dalit rights as human rights.

Authors are welcome to submit the electronic version of their article to the
journal’s submission site. Contemporary Voice of Dalit is hosted on SAGE Peer
Review: a web based online submission and peer review system.

Read the Manuscript Submission guidelines [ instructions/VOD#t1] and then visit  to
login and submit your article online

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