Call for Papers: Women and Ecology

Women’s Link -A Bi-annual Peer Reviewed International Journal (Vol. 31, Issue 2- July 2024)

  • Last date for submitting papers: March 1, 2024

The growing interest in theoretical approaches that are intersecting and overlapping such as feminism, new materialism, posthumanism and the anthropocene has had a direct impact on how ecology and ecofeminism are now rethought and repositioned in academia. As early as in 1997, Mary Mellor defined ecofeminism as “that brings together elements of the feminist movements, while at the same time offering a challenge to both. It takes from the green movement a concern about the impact of human activities on the non-human world and from feminism the view of humanity as gendered in ways that subordinate, exploit and oppress women” (1).

Ecofeminism presents a complex worldview that helps in rethinking the core and complex issues and interactions between gender politics and environmental issues. By integrating gender injustice with questions of social and environmental justice, ecofeminists suggest that gender is a crucial variable in environmental sustainability, capitalist ecology and extractivism. Thus, it unveils the underlying interconnectedness between patriarchy, colonialism, and capitalism.

Women’s Link publishes articles which focus on how women’s experiences shape as well as are shaped by social, cultural, affective, discursive and material aspects of difference. The journal further seeks to initiate multi-disciplinary and critical discussions on complex issues of gender. With the upcoming thematic issue on ‘Women and Ecology’, we wish to move beyond the debates of early ecofeminism and ecocriticism. The journal aims to promote and broaden the conversation on environmental ethics in relation to feminism.

Invite original research papers from scholars to critically deconstruct societal, economic, and cultural tendencies which largely contribute to the current environmental crises on the following sub-themes, but may not be limited to them:

  • Ecology and feminism in popular media
  • Representation of ecology and gender in cinema, theater, poetry, comic books, video games and other media.
  • Ecofeminist pedagogies
  • Ethico-political life of women and sustainability
  • Intersections of ecology, gender and the anthropocene
  • Postcolonial ecofeminist literature and media
  • Literary genres through the ecofeminist lens
  • Contemporary art, gender issues and political ecology
  • Ethics of care and economy
  • Gender, spatial politics and ecology
  • Gendered and ecological forms of violence and appropriation
  • Nature, gender and industrialisation
  • Gender, ecology and alternative healing

Mellor, Mary. Feminism and Ecology. Wiley, 1997.

Submission Guidelines:

Strictly follow the journal’s style sheet, posted here:

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